Esperance Rugby Club now officially affiliated with RugbyWA

Mon, Feb 20, 2023, 6:35 AM
Rugby WA Media
by Rugby WA Media
Esperance Rugby Club

Big developments have been made within the Great Southern Region with Esperance Rugby Club now becoming affiliated with RugbyWA.

Esperance Rugby Club President Daniel Behsman has been the key driver in re-establishing the club initially through the implementation of their successful Touch 7’s Competition.

Touch 7’s has allowed for a diverse group of people to get involved within the club especially helping the people in Esperance who are working away from home to develop a sense of belonging by becoming a part of the rugby community.

Behsman expresses how sport is a huge part of his life, “being part of a sporting club or being part of that sporting community helps my mental and physical health.”

Through Behsman’s efforts and the partnership with RugbyWA, Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries (Brad Stacey) and Shire of Esperance (Jill Reynolds). Esperance Rugby Club is now officially affiliated with the rugby unions state sporting organisation, RugbyWA.

Participation Manager (Acting CEO) Damian Wainohu says “this has been a great step in the right direction for not only Esperance Junior Rugby Club but also sets the precedence and standard for all country regional WA clubs.

This is testament to the great work that Dan Behsman, Jill Reynolds and Brad Stacey have done along with RugbyWA in establishing a sustainable internal and external infrastructure, as the perfect case study model and process that will place the club in a strong position now and for the future years to come”.

This development is growing our great game across the state and RugbyWA look forward to seeing what is to come within the Great Southern Region.