RugbyWA announce 32-man State 16's & 19's squads

Mon, Oct 3, 2022, 3:02 AM
Rugby WA Media
by Rugby WA Media

It has been a stellar year for Rugby in Western Australia, resulting in several of its finest players being selected for the National U16 and U19 Championship. 

Rugby Australia recently announced an expansion to its Super Rugby-controlled team competition, the last time this competition ran was back in 2019.

As a result of an incredible season, Caleb Karangaroa (Wanneroo), Dane Sawers (Kalamunda), and Ryan McGloin (Joondalup) were selected for the U19's squad and represented Australia in the U18's team.

Head Coach of the U19's side Sam Rarasea was thrilled for the young men.

"It has been amazing watching some of these young men develop into the stars of the next generation".

Rarasea had to make some tough choices when it came to selections.

"We had a really good crop of players to pick from."

"It's a hard balance in selecting the team for the competition, tossing up between some of the older players and younger ones."

"These types of competitions really allow us to upskill our Junior Wallabies."

Under 16's Coach, Colin Philips is ecstatic with his boy's opportunity.

"It's a great opportunity and environment for these boys to learn and grow, not just on the field but as men too."

"For some, it's their first time travelling without their parents and school teachers. So it really gives them a chance to mature and learn how to behave properly."

"Some of these lads may have to do a job and a half in their local clubs, but we allow them to really excel at just one and allow them to trust their teammates."

The five-week regular season competition will kick off on the 9th of October, with five clubs set to battle it out.

A venue for the Grand Final has yet to be confirmed, but it will feature the top two teams in the competition on Sunday, November 13th.

There will be games in Canberra, Queensland, New South Wales, Melbourne, and the last two rounds will be played here in Western Australia.   

We look forward to seeing you at Success Regional Sporting Facility for Round four (October 30th) and Round five (November 6th) at Kingsway Sporting Complex.

Thanks to Stan Sports, If you cannot attend the match, you can watch all games live and on demand on STAN Sports. 

32-man U16's squad 

1 Salesi Tatafu - Wanneroo

2 Jed Spencer - Perth Bayswater

3 Ruiz Lee - Joondalup

4 Zane Wesley - North Coast/ Wanneroo

5 Charles Groom - Perth Bayswater

6 Ellis New - Associates

7 Jackson Bridges - Wests Scrborough

8 William Crew - Southern Lions

9 Manaia Te Tana - Wanneroo

10 Hugh Chapman - Scotch College

11 Rohan Viskovich - Perth Irish/ Wests Scarborough

12 Luke Holt-Brown - Perth Bayswater

13 Ngadang Kunai - Arks

14 Tamarangi Tunui - Wanneroo

15 Samuel Almond - Wests Scarborough

16 Brodie Mainwaring - Wanneroo

17 Chris Jansen - Wanneroo

18 Ken Ah Hong - Wanneroo

19 Tataama Rere - Perth Bayswater

20 Dalvin Paki - Perth Bayswater

21 Thomas Yates - Wesley College

22 Josh Whittingham - Joondalup

23 Ethan Pike - Wests Scarborough

24 Eben Prinsloo - Palmyra

25 Adrien Cotte - Aquinas College

26 Devan Button - Wanneroo

27 Alius Tutai - Perth Irish/ Wests Scarborough

28 Siosifa Tuipulotu - Arks

29 Zavier Hawira - Southern Lions

30 Luc Du Toit - Palmyra

31 Felix Cooper - Wests Scarborough

32 Johannes Van Der Hyden - Mandurah

Head Coach: Colin Philips

Assistant Coaches: Daniel Whiston & Damien Elton

32-man U19’s squad:

1 Jonathan Chapman-Stean - Palmyra

2 Andre Scholtz - Southern Lions

3 Joey O’Brien - Nedlands

4 Marley Pearse - Wests Scarborough

5 Jeroslav Tamala- Nedlands

6 Josh Mongard- Nedlands

7 Liam Timmins - Associates

8 Rueben Baker - Wanneroo

9 Anthony Moataane- Nedlands

10 Caleb Karangaroa - Wanneroo

11 Jhy Legg - Wests Scarborough

12 Ruben Steenkemp- Palmyra

13 Hugo Welborn – Nedlands

14 Ihaia Kamizona-Heke – Kalamunda

15 James Pese – Nedlands

16 Aidan McDonagh - Perth Bayswater

17 Dane Sawers - Kalamunda

18 Charlie Wartlers – Palmyra

19 Ned Slack-Smith - Western Force

20 Cristiano Tizzano - UWA

21 Lucius Gouws - Joondalup

22 Hunta Boyes - Wests Scarborough

23 Blake Mettam - Wests Scarborough

24 Edward Turagava - Palmyra

25 Nathan Tahu - Wanneroo

26 Ammaru Iti – Nedlands

27 Ollie Cummins - Western Force

28 Ryan McGloin - Joondalup

29 Justin Landman - Associates

30 Justin Talemaira - Wanneroo

31 Kauri Grace - Wests Scarborough

32 Brad Avery - Cottesloe

Head Coach: Sam Rarasea

Assistant Coaches: Jeremy Thrush & Kieran Longbottom