Fortescue Premier Grade Team of the Week Round: 11

Wed, 30/06/2021, 08:01 am
Rugby WA Media
by Rugby WA Media

The recent round saw a number of up and coming players make their mark in order to take their place in Round 11 Team of The Week. Providing plenty of skill and technique, teams fought hard to ensure they gained extra points as we take that one step closer to finals. 

Take a look at who stood out during Round 11. 

1. Adam Fullgrabe - Cottesloe
Again the test player for Hong Kong shone for the Seagulls on Saturday. He dismantled the Lions scum and provided the cornerstone of his team’s go forward in attack. His use of a tip pass close the the defensive line was a highlight.

2. Jack Grimley - Joondalup Brothers
In a first half that was tight against the Goats, Grimely worked hard in all contact areas. His work rate laid down the foundations of his team creating some broken play later in the game.

3. Siosifa Amone - Associates
The Junior Wallaby star shone bright in Soaks’ brilliant upset victory on the weekend. He got the upper hand at scrum time and then proceeded to implement his coach’s new open play game style in attack.

4. Brandon Olow - Perth Bayswater
When the big O put down the hammer in the 2nd half, the Baysie boys followed and ran away with the match. He had to work hard in attack and defence early and wait for the game to open up in the second half.

5. Sitiveni Waqa - Associates
Such an exciting addition to the FMG Premier Grade competition. Always in the action, Waqa never lets up on his enthusiasm and willingness to get on top of the game.

6. Jhy Legg - Kalamunda
In his first Premier Grade starting role the young WA U18s Captain took on the game. His intensity in all areas of the game, provided Kala with the spark needed to overcome the enthusiastic Cavaliers.

7. Antonio Kiri Kiri - Nedlands
Three tries on debut for his first outing in the FMG Premier Grade competition. Kiri Kiri showed his experience and class by putting himself in the middle of the action all day long in the titanic battle v Wests.

8. Otunuku Pauta - Perth Bayswater
Nuku is yet to produce an off game this season. New to the club in 2021, he has driven his team forward every game, with last weekend being no different.

9. Jack Weir - Kalamunda
When the skipper gets his ball-playing game going, the big Bulls ball runners become very difficult to stop. A top shelf performance in his battle to retain his Perth Gold jumper.

10. Rory O'Sullivan - UWA
O’Sullivan kept applying the crews to the Palmyra defence with some flat passing and dangerous probes. His solo try early in the second half was the catalyst to the dam wall opening up.

11. James Petherick - Nedlands
In his best game so far for his new club, Petherick showed the skills of a specialist winger. His defensive reads provided no attacking options for Wests while his finishing runs down the touch lines all day were first class.

12. Joshua Lomani - Joondalup Brothers
Lomani was a constant threat to the Curtin defence. He continually broke tackles while also managing to put his outside runners through holes.

13. Panashe Kamhara - Cottesloe
Kamhara’s willingness to never die with the ball and back up other line breaks helped bust the game wide open early. His performance on Saturday is another brick in the re-build that Cottesloe are enjoying through the mid-section of this season.

14. Byron Sharwood - UWA
Sharwood’s break-out season continues with another dynamic performance against the Palms. In a match with limited opportunities, the enthusiastic winger came alive every time he touched the ball.

15. Andrew Ramsden - Perth Bayswater
The Sunshine Coast product showed us why he’s played Premier rugby all over the world. His lighting pace while zig zagging through the ARKs defence line helped the Baysie boys pile on 60 points in the 2nd half.