Fortescue Premier Grade Team of the Week: Round 10

· WA Premier
by Rugby WA Media

Two big wins this weekend for Nedlands Rugby Club and Wests Scarborough.

Who were the key factors that made round ten's Team of the Week?


1. Adam Fullgrabe – Cottesloe

The former South China Tiger lit up the Cottesloe front row last weekend. Fullgrabe scrummaging was top class plus his game IQ has brought another level to his game.

Expect this guy to be heavily lent on come fianls time.

2. Nicholas Hyde - Associates

One of the more consistent players in the Gold jersey, Nick Hyde has been dynamic all year.

This weekend he was strong on attack and for a hooker and exceptional ball skills passing it around like a playmaker.


3. Lawerence Petrus – UWA

It’s good to see the Malaysian Bulldozer back in selection for the TOTW, he scrummaged well and dominated the front row despite going down to a on fire Nedlands side. 

4. Kieran Stringer - Cottesloe

The veteran ‘Gull’ led his team to a absolute drumming of Perth Bayswater over the weekend.

Even scoring his team’s final try of the game, Stringer was an absolute asset to Cottesloe’s second-row.

5. Andrew Sanders – Palmyra

Pally Lock Andrew Sanderst ticked all the boxes over the weekend.

He was a strong ball carrier, had a high-work rate and made some big hits throughout the match.

Adding to his list of assets in his game Sanders is also emerging as a leader within this ever-improving Palmyra side.

6. Joseph Baker-Ryan – Nedlands

Baker-Ryan was a key asset for Nedlands over the weekend, running good lines and breaking most of his first up tackles. Scoring the second try of the match Baker-Ryan might be the ball runner Nedlands needs this close to finals.

7. Jesse Elliot – Associates

This is Jesse Elliot’s first selection in the TOTW and not likely to be his last.

The number seven had a high work-rate all around the pitch and is showing to be one yet another addition in the formidable ‘Soaks’ backrow.

8. Will Tuheke-Wade – Kalamunda

With the number eight position so hotly contested this year Will Tuheke-Wade has been on the edge of a TOTW selection for a number of week’s now.

The hard-running backrower is brilliant at shoving off tacklers and making any opposition pay for soft defence.

9. Rory O’Sullivan – UWA

Despite going down Rory O’Sullivan was nothing but class against Nedlands.

The Western Force signee was extremely calm throughout the match and was extremely dangerous when he kept the ball in hand, drawing in the defence.

Sadly, his side was a little bit off with their execution over the weekend, however it’s of no fault of O’Sullivan’s

10. Nathan Roberts – Nedlands

Normally a halfback, Nate Roberts was dynamite in round ten.

Moving into the number 10 jersey Roberts sliced up the opposing defence all while getting his backline involved as well.

He scored a hattrick of tries all from excellent play making, good support running and total dominance with ball in hand. 



11. James Blackburn – Cottesloe

Blackburn has always had a knack a beating first up defenders and Saturday’s game against Perth Bayswater was no different.

No back in the Premier Grade squad, Blackburn went out to impress and scored three of Cottesloe’s 12 tries, a truly dominant performance.

12. Jackson Neilson – Nedlands

Another player to emerge late in the season for Nedlands, Neilson pairing up with this week’s Man of the Match Ammon Matuauto has formed yet another formidable centre pairing in the Premier Grade.

Neilson is a hard first hit-up runner and he gained significant metreage over UWA this weekend.
If he stays in the number twelve jersey Neilson will be a significant factor in Nedlands late season push for finals.


13. James Petherick – Coastal Cavaliers 

As mentioned earlier Nedlands’ Ammon Matuauto was absolute class this weekend winning Man of the Match for his game against UWA.

However young gun James Petherick has been put on a show for the Coastal Cavaliers for two weeks in a row now and commanded this TOTW selection.

The pairing with ‘The Mullet’ Zac Nicholson only seems to be getting stronger and Petherick’s performance this weekend against ARKs is a testament to that.

14. Cody Coe-Baker – Wests Scarborough

So many hattricks in this game and Wests speedster Cody Coe-Baker got his trifecta early scoring his side’s first three tries of the game.

This definitely was a factor in Wests gaining momentum in what was a monumental wing over the Joondalup Brothers.

15. Sam Healy – Associates

It’s amazing how allusive Associates’ Sam Healy can be.

This outside back runs around the field like he has spiders on him and nobody from Curtin wanted to touch him last Saturday.

He scored three tries in Soaks’ 99-point thrashing of the Goats and it seemed he did it with ease getting all of his teammates involved.