Fortescue Premier Grade Preview - Belt Up Round 9

· WA Premier
by Rugby WA Media

Belt Up Round is a pivotal period of the season that acts to promote the message of road safety and has played a huge role in providing that message across the RugbyWA Community over a number of years. It’s critical to understand that fastening your seatbelt can help save lives and is the best defence on any journey you take.

Belt-Up Match of the Round

Wanneroo v Joondalup Brothers, 3:30pm, Kingsway Sports Complex, Madeley

Wanneroo will look to retain their status as ‘Kings of the North’ this Saturday as their northern rivals Joondalup head to the ‘Kennel’ to dethrone them of their crown.

Despite sitting in the top four, Joondalup is well aware of the threat that looms upon the horizon as Wanneroo head into this highly anticipated clash with two big wins in a row.

After an undefeated start to the season Joondalup have hit a road bump with two losses along with losing the prestigious RugbyWA Cup and now find themselves looking over a cliff’s edge if they lose this weekend. Hoping to capitalise on their recent run of form, Wanneroo will feel they have what it takes to undermine Joondalup.



ARKS v UWA, 3:30pm, Harrisdale Community and Sporting Pavillion, Harrisdale

Striving for a spot in finals, it’s now or never for UWA who will travel to Harrisdale for a last gasp attempt to get their season back on track.

With five rounds remaining UWA sit seven points outside the top four and will require a big win over ARKS if they are to give themselves any chance of a treasured spot in finals.

Promoted from the colts side, Aiden Murphy has been a revelation for the UWA outfit, adding an injection of pace to their attack while also adding versatility to an already talented backline.

ARKS will look to spoil their party and bring their season to a halt as they strive for their first win of the season.

Wests Scarborough v Southern Lions, 3:30pm, Bennett Park, Doubleview

After a few successful weeks on the road, West’s return to the ‘Pig Pen’ to host the Southern Lions in another edition of the Belt-Up Round.

Renowned for their strong season finishes, West’s are once again showing signs of a strong run home after wins over ARKS and the Coastal Cavaliers but face a different beast in the Southern Lions who hide one of the most underrated attacks in the competition.

Another colt that has made the smooth transition to the premier grade for the ‘Boars’ is young Zachary Barrett who crossed for two tries against the Cavaliers and was also a valuable addition to RugbyWA’s Team of the Week for round 8.

Perth Bayswater v Coastal Cavaliers, 3:30pm, Pat O’Hara Reserve, Morley

The Belt-Up round continues in Morley where the Coastal Cavaliers will look to topple Perth Bayswater for their first win of the season.

With both teams heading into this clash with a loss, the stage is set for a dog fight battle where Perth Bayswater will be eager to avoid a loss on their own turf.

The Cavaliers front-row will have their work cut out for them as they face the up and coming prop Dante Tatafu who has been a household name for Perth Bayswaer throughout the 2020 season.

Palmyra v Kalamunda, 3:30pm, Tompkins Park, Applecross

Palmyra are continuing to make leaps and bounds in 2020 following on from another stirring win over Joondalup at HBF Arena on Saturday.

Vying for their place in finals, Palmyra are powering towards the finish line and have established themselves as one of the front runners in the competition as they sit fifth on the ladder behind Nedlands.

With names such as Ethan Poi and Adam Marshall leading the charge for the ‘Palms’, they will be in good hands as Kalamunda makes a visit to the ‘Oasis’.

However, the sturdy presence of Kalamunda will be in full view as they look to obstruct Palmyra from the top four and build their way to a famous win.

Curtin University v Cottesloe, 3:30pm, Edinburgh Oval, Bentley

The formidable Cottesloe have kept a clean sheet in 2020 and will be an imposing figure as they head to ‘Goat Land’.

The ‘Gulls’ forward pack has complimented their backline nicely this season, allowing their attack to flourish on all fronts.

Refusing to give an inch, Curtin will look to barricade their defence and put in a solid 80 minute performance and will unleash their secret weapon Sebastian Thogersen who has been firing on all cylinders for Curtin this season.

Associates v Nedlands, 3:30pm, Allen Park, Swanbourne

Associates have had an absolute blinder of a season up to this point only losing to Cottesloe, however coming up against one of their oldest foes Nedlands that could all be put in jeopardy.

The ‘Soaks’ back row will need to pay extra attention to Neddies number eight Aidan Laxton who has been having a breakout season this season emerging as a true contender for the PG Hampshire award.

With Associates holding their annual Jersey Day for this fixture this won’t be a match to miss as both these colossal clubs having all to play for as we get towards the pointy end of the season.



Starting XVs


1. kevin palavi-fiu, 2. William Jobe, 3. Selwyn Kani, 4. Harris Tuhakaraina, 5. Joshua Upson, 6. Nicholas Pearson, 7. Anthony Russell, 8. Ben Calder, 9. Ryan Black, 10. Regan King, 11. Scot Wright, 12. Gershom Adams, 13. Gershom Adams, 14. Gershom Adams 15. Neli auvae

Associates - TBC

Coastal Cavaliers

1. Erik Schneider, 2. Jamie Reid, 3. Russell Egan, 4. Solomone Likio, 5. Liam Van Der Heyden, 6. Dylan Pirihi, 7. Dylan Pirihi, 8. Samuel Murray-Abraham, 9. Kaea Hohaia, 10. Dudley Cortland, 11. Joshua Batchelor, 12. Zachary Nicolson, 13. James Petherick, 14. Toby Mead 15. Bodie Etheredge (c)

Cottesloe - TBC

Curtin Uni

1. Peter Greenaway, 2. Elliot Daniel, 3. Nathan Hewett, 4. Adam Ansbro, 5. Chris Rayner, 6. Thomas Chadwick (C), 7. Sebastian Thogersen (vc), 8. Vauea Sialavai, 9. Heath Anderson, 10. Alexander Klewinghaus, 11. Brandon Davis, 12. Tomoki Ogawa, 13. Conrad Kovaleski. 14 bevan hewett, 15. Nicholas Chadwick

Joondalup Brothers - TBC


1. Malakai Tuipulotu, 2. Tawhiri Rewha, 3. Mac Heke, 4. Caleb Marr, 5. Henare Houkamau, 6. Dale Foden, 7. Linton Horsburgh, 8. William Tuheke-Wade, 9. Jack Weir (C) 10. Jaydon Solomon, 11. Usaia Ralulu, 12. Kitione Nairube, 13. Jackson Bond, 14. Ruawharo Rarere 15. Blake Hignett-Stephens


1. Kenny MaCaulay, 2. Reuben O’Connell, 3. Matt Caporn, 4. Mike Egan, 5. Sam Offer, 6. Luke Doherty, 7. Kenny MacPherson, 8. Aidan Laxton, 9. Hershelle Classen, 10. Mike Botes, 11. Callum Thomas, 12. Sam Rarasea, 13. Ammon Matuauto, 14. Aaron Evans, 15. Dylan Loversidge (c)


1. Ethan Poi, 2. Sioeli Vaituulala, 3. Piersen Kennington, 4. Hendrik De Wet, 5. Hayden Croghan, 6. Liam Gourlie, 7. Max Bailey, 8. Jackson Pugh, 9. Reece Anapu, 10. Fionn Mccabe, 11. Adam Marshall, 12. Leighton Short (c), 13. Panashe Kamhara, 14. Chris Miller, 15. Manihera Eden

Perth Bayswater

1. Dante Tatafu, 2. Ben Buist, 3. Chris Kidd, 4. Brandon Olow, 5. Jacob Buist (c), 6. Meihana Mason, 7. Craig Smith, 8. Faamanu Tofilau, 9. Liam Wynne, 10. Jamie Kinnimont, 11. Shane Parkinson, 12. Kolia Konelio, 13. Pousea Elisara, 14. James Lambert, 15. Santana Payne

Southern Lions

1. Heamasi Akauola, 2. Jordan Shelford, 3. Victor Yong, 4. Victor Yong, 5. Sese Malai Tuifagalele, 6. Tashir Newsome-Smith, 7. William Burroughs, 8. Brody Eastwood, 9. Mitchell Kingsmill, 10. Kyle Fell (C), 11. Joel Lamatoa, 12. Jared Lamatoa, 13. Sisa Waqa, 14. Meli Naborisi, 15. Jack Helliwell


Wanneroo - TBC

Wests Scarborough - TBC