Fortescue Women's Premier Grade - Round 5 Preview

Fri, Jun 14, 2024, 2:00 AM
by RugbyWA Media

The competition is heating up in the Fortescue Women’s Premier Grade, with Round 5 kicking off this weekend. 

With Wanneroo sitting comfortably at the top of the Fortescue Premier Grade ladder, they set their sights on 5th place Cottesloe for the second time in two weeks. 

After a brutal 72-5 defeat last Saturday, Cottesloe Shegulls are preparing themselves to tackle the giants once again. 

In their Round 4 defeat, Cottesloe’s lone try was scored by Numi Tupaea. Tries for Wanneroo were scored by Western Force captain Trilleen Pomare (2), Shiano Kani (2), Anneka Stephens (2), Zarna Munro, Tamika Jones (2), Topaz-Jean Porter, Frieda Ah-sam, Ai Dickson and Majesty Pomare, with a conversion by Lucy Lockhart. 

The teams are set to face off for the second time this season at Kingsway Sports Complex this Saturday. 

The Wanneroo Divaz’s steady series of wins sees the team with a six-point ladder lead heading into the fifth round, establishing themselves early in the series as strong competition. Round 3 saw the team secure a 20-7 win over last season’s Premiers, Kalamunda Kweenz, with tries from Western Force’s Tamika Jones, as well as Topaz-Jean Porter, Shiane Kani and Lucy Dinnen. For Kalamunda, a try was scored by Brooklyn McGovern with a conversion by Nicole Ledington. 

After their Round 3 defeat by the Divaz, Kalamunda saw a 33-5 victory over Wests Scarborough Warriors at Charles Court Reserve. Tries for Kalamunda were scored by Wairakau Grieg, Kitana Kamizona-Heke, Jessica Aim, Mahiti Heke and one other, with four conversions from Libya Teepa. Wests’ try was scored by Rianna Pocsidio (40’). 

Heading into Round 5, the Kweenz are set to take on Palmyra for the second time this season. Holding their own in their last matchup, Palmyra fell short of the win by three points, with Kalamunda clinching the 12-15 win at Tompkin Park. Tries on the Thursday night game for Palmyra were scored by Megan Prinsloo and Alanis Toia, with a conversion by Phoenix Mahaki. Tries for Kalamunda were scored by Brooklyn McGovern, Braxton Walker and one other.  

With only one loss under their belt for the2024 season, Kalamunda Kweenz poses a threat to Wanneroo’s top spot, with a win against Palmyra enough to inch them closer to that top position. Palmyra isn’t far behind Kalamunda, however, with only two points difference between the Fortescue Women’s Premier Grade teams. 


A moment for the Wanneroo Women, the Community X-side is preparing to take on Rockingham in the game before the Fortescue Premier Grade at Kingsway Sports Complex. 

A Thursday night game, their win over Perth Bayswater saw the Wanneroo 10s score their first victory of the season, entering Round 5 with a 15-17 finish in their pocket. Tries for Wanneroo were scored by Ella Molloy-Broughton, Makaea Nonk and Kahu Reti, with a match-difference conversion by Madison Dufali. Tries for Perth Bayswater were scored by Jessica Yaksich, Bridget Meade and one other.  

For Rockingham, they meet Wanneroo after a draw down in Mandurah against Mandurah Pirates’ first Senior women's side. A 17-17 finish saw both sides with three tries and a conversion at the Meadow Springs Sporting Facility.  

Kicking off at 2:00PM before the Fortescue Women’s Premier Grade, Wanneroo and Rockingham will both be searching for their second win of the 2024 season as they take the field. 


Round 5 of both the Fortescue Women’s Premier Grade and Community X’s kicks off this Saturday, June 15. 


Fortescue Women’s Premier Grade Round 5 Fixtures 

Wests Warriors v. UWA @ Bennett Park (2:00PM) 

Palmyra v. Kalamunda Kweenz @ Tompkins Park (3:00PM) 

Wanneroo Divaz v. Cottesloe Shegulls (3:00PM) 


Community X’s Round 5 Fixtures 

Wests Scarborough v. Perth Bayswater @ Bennett Park (12:30PM) 

Perth Irish v. Palmyra/UWA @ Centenary Park (2:00PM) 

Wanneroo v. Rockingham @ Kingsway Sports Complex (2:00PM) 

Southern Lions v. Mandurah Pirates @ Success Regional Sporting Facility (2:00PM)