Women in Rugby Round 2024: West Scarborough's Tracy Stewart

Wed, Jun 26, 2024, 2:00 AM
by RugbyWA Media

Tracy Stewart is the heart and soul of Wests Scarborough’s Women’s rugby program. 

Tracy’s journey with rugby began as a child in New Zealand. From heading to Eden Park in the 80s to watch Auckland play to waking up in the middle of the night to watch the All-Blacks play on the international stage, rugby has long been a part of her life. 

When it was her children's turn to get involved in rugby, she did too. 

“When we moved to Australia, I met some pretty amazing people involved in Rugby, especially Klae Deeg and Christian Cano, who coached my youngest son's team,” Tracy said. 

“These two men inspired me to become more involved in Rugby.” 

With her sons’ playing in the local competition, Tracy became their Team Manager. From there, she became an integral part of the rugby community, particularly at Wests Scarborough. 

“Christian [Cano] was approached to establish a new Women's team at Wests Scarborough in 2021, and he asked me to go with him as Manager,” Tracy said. 

“From there we are now at the stage where we can field both a XV's Prems Team, and a X's Community Team.” 

Tracy now serves as the Team Manager for Wests’ Fortescue Premier Grade Women’s side as well as their Community X’s team, and has previously been Perth Gold’s Team Manager and a Liaison Officer for Canada during the HSBC SVNS in Perth. 

“I love helping out, and it has taken me way out of my comfort zone and given me confidence to do things I would never have dreamed of doing.” 

“Managing the Perth Gold Women's Team in 2023 is an experience I will never forget.  Seeing these women from different clubs coming together and playing for each other, giving everything on the field, was amazing.”  

“Being a Team Liaison Officer for the Canadian Women's Team at the HSBC SVNS here in Perth was another experience that I will treasure.  Watching the team and coaches, and how they prepared and played each game, and reset for the next game, was such an insight.” 


Now a stalwart in the grassroots women’s rugby community, the growth of women’s rugby is something Tracy is incredibly passionate about. However, it is not without its challenges. 

“Being a woman in rugby is sometimes a lonely place,” Tracy shared. “Breaking down some barriers, being heard, and being taken seriously.” 

“Even in the short time I have been involved, there have been major changes in how Women's Rugby is perceived.” 

With women’s rugby in Australia constantly advancing, from the expansion of RugbyWA’s Fortescue Women’s Premier Grade, to the Australian Women 7’s team becoming the inaugural SVNS champions earlier this month, the culture surrounding the competition is changing. 

“It is so good to see clubs coming on board and supporting their Women’s Teams, and understanding the value that our Women's teams bring to Clubs.” 

“Seeing your Men's teams come down to the club on a bye weekend to watch your Women’s team play, and then appreciating that they play with the same physicality and skill as them is a win.” 

“More importantly, watching our Women out there being supported by their Club is huge.”  


For Tracy, women’s rugby is about inclusion and opportunity, and the bonds created within the community. 

“Rugby has given me an extra family,” Tracy shared. 

"Women's rugby for me is about confidence, strength, and showing women that it doesn't matter what shape you are, there is a place for you within a team. It is about family, and making new friendships, and believing in yourself." 

"Every woman playing rugby is on a different journey. They have different ambitions within the game, and where they want the journey to take them. Being able to facilitate this and watch them grow both on and off the field is an amazing feeling." 

"Rugby isn't just about what goes on during a game or training.  It helps to make connections between people that may have nothing else in common. 

Moving towards the future, Tracy hopes to see more women embrace rugby and all it brings to their lives, as it truly is the game for all. 

"I would love more women to come to rugby,” she said. 

"It is a game that is for everyone, tall, short, and every body shape.  The confidence you will gain, and the pride in your body, and what it can do - it is about being you, and being part of a family, and learning what you are capable of." 

"Lifelong friendships, and so many laughs, and being able to be you." 


Tracy is truly an exceptional example of championing the spirit of rugby. Her dedication to her team and the sport, and her genuine passion for its growth, shines through in all she does.  

The proclaimed Mum and therapist of the Wests’ Women's program, she is spoken of with love and reverence. It is clear she is a beloved member of the women's rugby community – and thus, the pinnacle of what it means to be a woman in rugby. 


Women in Rugby Round kicks off this Saturday, with all Senior Women's and Junior Girls teams playing at Tompkins Park. Tracy's Wests Scarborough Fortescue Premier Grade side is set to play Cottesloe at 2:00PM on Field 1, and her Community X's team against Mandurah at 3:30PM on Field 2.