Fortescue Premier Grade - Round 2 Preview

Fri, Apr 26, 2024, 2:00 AM
by RugbyWA Media

ANZAC Round provides an opportunity for clubs to capture the spirit and tradition of the ANZAC spirit, and to honour all servicemen and women in Australia and New Zealand’s history. 

With a rich history of creating community, uniting Australians and driving passion and excellence, rugby has long held alliance with the Australia’s armed forced. The story of rugby union in the Australian Army is a key component of the Services’ rugby tradition, whilst also aligning strongly to the values held within the rugby community – courage, initiative, teamwork and respect. From playing rugby during World War II with French soldiers, to the long-standing Australian Army Rugby Union competition, the Services’ community has embraced the sport of rugby.  

Continuing their tradition, Perth Bayswater be honouring ANZAC day at their home grounds, as they take on Southern Lions. Both teams are coming off defeats in Round 1, with Bayswater suffering a loss to Nedlands, 49-19, and Southern Lions losing out to Palmyra 39-22.  

In Perth Bayswater’s 30-point loss to Nedlands, tries for Bayswater were scored by Nikolai Foliaki (37’), Premier Grade debutant Washington Muntesi (73’) and Fraser Gosse (79’), with conversions scored by Simon Hrbek (73’, 79’). Tries for Nedlands were scored by Rowe O’Callaghan (18’), Frank Bunce (22’), Lazlo Pschorn (40’), Jesse Hutton (47’), Matty Lansdown (54’) and Bertie Stretch (63’). Conversions were completed by Matty Lansdown (18’, 22’, 40’, 54’, 63’), who also scored a penalty (5’). 

In Southern Lions’ battle with Palmyra, tries for Southern Lions were scored by Kameli Tacikalou Naisiroki, Ashley Collard, Jody Allen and Aidan Voute, with a conversion by Meli Naborisi. For Palmyra, tries were scored by Benji Hoppe (4’), Manihera Eden (24’, 30’), Rewita Biddle (36’, 65’) and Liam Gourlie (40’). Conversions for Palmyra were completed by Jack Grooby (24’, 40’, 65’), as well as a penalty (63’). 

Heading into Round 2, Perth Bayswater are ready for a fight, following their Round 1 loss. 

“An unfortunate start for us for sure,” Head Coach, Cale McCort said, “I think we are better than that.” 

“The fellas are obviously gutted, but the feeling is driving for us, so we get to make amends this coming week.” 

With the challenge of fresh players joining the team, there are plenty of challenges for Bayswater going into Round 2. 

“We had a lot of debutants on the weekend. Getting combos and gelling takes time and can only be done on the field, so we are looking forward to getting to work.” 

“Our strength comes from our midfield," McCort shared. “We can match anyone; it is about getting clean ball quickly to them.” 

Perth Bayswater will take on Southern Lions at home at Pat O'Hara Reserve, kicking off at 3:45PM. 

The Fortescue Premier Grade round being streamed this week on Stan will be Joondalup Brothers v. UWA. Kick off begins 3:30PM at HBF Arena.


Round 1 of the Championship Grade also kicks off this weekend, with teams stepping out for the first time since the playoffs of the Rendezvous Scarborough Challenge Cup. After losing 15-29 to ARKS in the first game of the Cup, Perth Irish will be looking to make their mark and come out strong in the Championship Grade. 

Facing off against the Dunsborough & Busselton Dungbeetles, Perth Irish are ready for the new season to kick off. 

“It's Round 1 so you never really know how well prepared you are, which makes it that bit more exciting,” Perth Irish Head Coach, Saul Shanahan, shared. “Some of the other clubs have more rugby under their belt at this point of the year having played in the Rendezvous Scarborough Challenge Cup.” 

“We opted to use the time as an extended preseason and to work away quietly. This may come back to bite us, or it may not.” 

“Either way I can’t wait for Round 1 to get here - 3pm on a Saturday at home, it’s why we train and put the time in.” 

After an enjoyable off-season, Shanahan’s second year of coaching Perth Irish comes with a lot of lessons learnt, and a preseason shaped around player needs. 

“Keeping preseason player-centric and rugby-orientated has always given us better participation and engagement results. We were incredibly lucky to have so many new members join the club in preseason and as a club we take pride in seeing them now fully committed to the year ahead ready to rip in.” 

“Having a big block of preseason and a harsh lesson early on, courtesy of ARKs, has definitely helped us get our plan tighter. The way we play suits our group and, even better, that’s how lads want to play, so everyone is motivated to play with a point of difference.” 

Heading into the 2024 season, Perth Irish is ready for the tough challenge presented by the Championship Grade. 

“In previous years, there were always two or three marquee games that you had an eye on. In this Championship structure, it’s so tight, there isn’t a Saturday you can just expect to win. If you're off even by a small bit you're in trouble.” 

“Last season in the lead up to finals, there was not much in points difference from second to sixth, and anything can happen in finals, so I’m looking forward to seeing how we fare.” 

"... There are other teams like us who would feel they’re a lot better this year than last, so it’ll be interesting to watch.”  


In addition to Perth Bayswater, Nedlands will also be hosting an ANZAC Round event at their grounds. For more information about both of these events, visit


The Championship Grade and Community Grade will both begin their 2024 season on Saturday 27, 2024, with Community playing at 1:30PM, and Championship kicking off at 3:00PM. The ANZAC Round of the Fortescue Premier Grade will kick off at 3:30PM. 


RugbyWA would like to pay our respects to all service men and women of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, past and present, and all who have lost their lives on the frontlines. Lest we forget. 


Fortescue Premier Grade Fixtures – Round 2 

Kalamunda v. Associates @ Hartfield Reserve 

Wanneroo v. Palmyra @ Kingsway Sports Complex 

Joondalup Brothers v. UWA @ HBF Arena *Streaming live on Stan 

Cottesloe v. Wests Scarborough @ Harvey Field 

Perth Baywater v. Southern Lions @ Pat O’Hara Reserve 


RugbyWA Championship Grade Fixtures – Round 2 

Perth Irish v. Dunsborough & Busselton Dungbeetles @ Centenary Park *Streaming live on Rugby Xplorer 

Kwinana Wolves v. Bunbury Barbarians @ Wellard Oval 

ARKS v. Rockingham @ Harrisdale Pavillion