Belt Up Round 2024

Tue, Jun 18, 2024, 5:30 AM
by RugbyWA Media

RugbyWA is set to host its annual Belt Up Round this weekend, in partnership with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. 

Entering the tenth year of partnership, the Insurance Commission has provided over $2 million to RugbyWA and the grassroots rugby community since 2014. More than 21,500 rugby balls have been delivered to clubs throughout the state, delivering the Belt Up message directly to the Rugby community. 

“Belt Up and the Insurance Commission of Western Australia have provided a great benefit to the RugbyWA community throughout our ten-year partnership,” RugbyWA CEO, Simon Taylor shared. 

“With our community growing throughout the state, the Belt Up Round provides the opportunity to showcase the importance of road safety and safe travel. It’s imperative the Belt Up message reaches every member of our community, as we work to inspire community connection, drive passionate involvement and unite Western Australians on and off the field.” 


Belt Up is the Insurance Commission’s road safety awareness campaign to promote wearing seat belts on WA roads to reduce the severity of injury in a crash. 

Rod Whithear, Insurance Commission Chief Executive said, “The Insurance Commission is proud to partner with RugbyWA and put the Belt Up message directly into the hands of the rugby community.” 

“Last year, 77 people killed or seriously injured in crashes on WA roads were not wearing a seatbelt. This is equivalent to about five rugby teams. Wearing a seatbelt can help lessen the severity of injuries sustained in car crashes.” 

"Our crash statistics tell us that younger males are the most at-risk people on the roads. This is one of the reasons we target community sports, including RugbyWA, to promote the Belt Up message. We sponsor the Belt Up Round to encourage responsibility and awareness within this group.” 

The sponsorship of the Belt Up Colts competition is vital in reaching a high-risk demographic, encouraging better road behaviour and safety. 


Belt Up Round is set to kick off this Saturday across the grades. Cottesloe is set to host the Belt Up Round at Harvey Field, taking on Palmyra's Fortescue Men's Premier Grade side in the Stan broadcast. 

Seatbelts save lives. Belt Up every time.