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Alcohol.Think Again Women's Rugby Super Saturday

Tue, 09/08/2022, 2:40 am
Rugby WA Media
by Rugby WA Media

The Alcohol Think Again Women's grades are in for a big weekend.

You will find all ten teams from across different competitions down at Tompkins Park, all to celebrate a fantastic year for women in rugby.

Women's rugby has had phenomenal growth in 2022, with 159 females joining clubs this year.

The Wanneroo Divas and the Kala Kweens will kick off the big day at 12:30. The Kweens have won every match against the Divas so far this year.

During the interval between the two Premier Grade games, the UWA Community grade team will play the West Scarborough Warriors.

The other two Community Grade matches between Palmyra vs ARKS and Southern Lions vs Perth Bayswater will be played on the second oval.

Last but not least, Wests Scarborough will play Cottesloe Shegulls at 3 pm. The Shegulls have won the past three games against Wests.

With ten teams from different grades playing on the same field, it will be a big day for Women's Rugby. It will be a great day out for everyone involved.

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