Pauline O'Connor celebrates 43 years in rugby

Wed, Aug 25, 2021, 3:36 AM
Rugby WA Media
by Rugby WA Media

Being an avid fan and supporter of rugby union, Pauline O’Connor has been a member of the Wests Scarborough Rugby Union Club for 43 years. A follower of the game, Pauline has been a committed fan even when living in West Sussex, UK where the committed volunteer used to call home.

Arriving here in 1971, with the intent to travel the country and promptly return back to the UK, it wasn’t long before plans were changed. Living in Perth for 50 years, Pauline has seen the game progress through a number of stages, locations and changes. Being a part of the club for years, Pauline saw games played in the 70’s at the original grounds of Langley Park all the way to the new naming of the club from West Subiaco to Wests Scarborough, now based in Bennett Park Doubleview.

Along with her husband Barry O’Connor, the pair have been a rugby loving partnership for as long as they can remember. Both being devoted members to the club, Barry who is originally from New Zealand has played for A grade, Second Grade, Third, Fourth and Golden Oldies whilst showing off his experience by coaching and managing various Wests teams alongside Pauline who played Union and Touch rugby.

When asked how the rugby community has changed since she first got involved, Pauline stated, “it’s much more inclusive and open to anyone who wants to play rugby from Juniors to Seniors, male and female”.

As the community has grown within and outside the Wests Scarborough rugby club, Pauline has stayed consistent and committed to her roles and involvement with the sport. Having so much love for the sport, it’s clear to see that Pauline and her husband are true fans.

“My favourite thing about club rugby is the friendship and of course a good game of rugby”

“Currently club secretary, a position that I have held twice before, I have also been the clubs Social Director when we were located at Rosaline Park”

“Being into aerobics I regularly took the A Grade team through an aerobics session before they trained on a Thursday night”.

A key part of the Wests Scarborough community, Pauline is a prime example of the commitment and devotion of volunteers that the WA rugby community has. Expanding her skills and experience to much more than rugby, O’Connor was an active member of her general community as well.

“I was also a Town of Cambridge Councillor for 23 years and involved in the issue of Perry Lakes, the then home of WA Rugby Union being turned into a housing estate, said Pauline

“I fought tooth and nail to retain the home of rugby which is now located at the current Rugby HQ”.

An amazing community story, Pauline is one of many volunteers that help make the world of rugby go around in the WA community. Giving up their time and much more, volunteers like Pauline have been the heart of community rugby in WA for some time and will be as we head into the future.