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Meet your Zone Coordinator's

Wed, 04/08/2021, 1:38 am
Rugby WA Media
by Rugby WA Media

Our Zone Coordinator's are essential in growing the game throughout the community. Travelling to a number of schools, clubs and facilities throughout the year our officers facilitate skill and technique activities to help players become a part of the ever-growing rugby community.

Zone Coordinator's facilitate and manage their specific zone, creating strong relationships with local clubs and schools in the area. The Coordinator will assist in overseeing events, gala days and programs within the zones whilst working alongside development officers with the aim of growing participation and the rugby union footprint in the specific zone. Clubs and schools can contact the Zone Coordinator in your respective area to facilitate and manage programs, high school and primary school visits, gala days and a range of rugby competition programs.

If you are a club or school, do not hesitate to contact your Zone Coordinator as they support you in junior participation, recruitment, retention, coach education and club development programs.

Get to know your Zone Coordinator below and find out what zone you’re located in.

Grant Lazarus

Zone / Affiliated Clubs: Arks, Kalamunda, Kwinana, Mandurah, Palmyra, Rockingham, Southern Lions,

Role: Southern Zone Co-ordinator.

Objectives: To get more schools/kids playing rugby in the Southern Region.

Hometown: Durban, South Africa.

What drives your passion for growing Rugby Union in W.A: Growing up in South Africa, everybody is “passionate” about Rugby, and I want kids in WA to have the same passion for the game, so when I’m out teaching/coaching Rugby, I try to pass that on. The values I learnt playing Rugby have become part of my life and the lessons learned have led to the person I am today. Respect, Honesty, Integrity.

Sporting Interests other: NFL, Rugby League (sometimes), Athletics.

About: I have a background in Marketing & Advertising, being a Marketing Communications Manager for 8+ years, with a Diploma in Computer Science and I am currently studying towards a Cert. III in Education (Education Assistant). On the lighter side, I love dancing, and in my spare time, enjoy taking dancing classes with my favourite being Cuban Salsa.

Email: grant.lazarus@rugbywa.com.au

Phone: 0483 877 500

Alasdair Henderson

Central Zone / Affiliated Clubs: Nedlands, UWA, Cottesloe, Associates, Perth Irish, Perth Bayswater, Curtin University

Role: Central Zone Co-Ordinator
Hometown: Perth

What drives your passion for growing Rugby Union in W.A:
I’ve loved the sport from a young age and really enjoyed seeing kids learning a new game they have never played before. I really enjoy the mates I’ve made from rugby whether It be playing or on the sideline watching games.

Sporting Interests other: Competitive Thumb wrestling

About: Outside of rugby I enjoy making videos and being around my mates.

Email: Alasdair.henderson@rugbywa.com.au

Phone: 0419346073

Roisin Ward

Zone / Affiliated Clubs: Joondalup, Wanneroo, West Scarborough, Swan Suburbs, North Coast, Ellenbrook.

Role: Development Coordinator

Objectives: To keep growing rugby across all levels and helping younger players development to go to senior level.

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

What drives your passion for growing Rugby Union in W.A: What drives my passion for growing rugby is for younger players (including females) to be more across the game and not just experience the sport at a fitness level but to experience new people and make lifelong friends. They will support you on field and off the field and that’s what rugby and sports are about

Sporting Interests other: AFL, cricket, and MMA (combat sports)

About: I am very close to my family and friends so I will always look up to them, especially my parents. They have driven me to grow my love for the game. My family at home in Ireland always support me and knowing they always check-in with my job shows I’m doing my family proud! I’ve played lots of different sports but always go back to team based so I can connect with people. I am a very friendly and bubbly person even though I seem very angry on field! I come from a very rugby family background having my hard-working dad as the president of the WA refs assoc. with my brother Michael being a premier grade ref. This means all day and weekends are for this sport, and I am not even mad …. At all!

Email: roisin.ward@rugbywa.com.au

Phone: 0468 639 232

Don’t hesitate to contact your zone coordinator with any queries or questions!