Get to know your Western Force Super W Women's team: Langley Sesega

· Super W
by Rugby WA Media

It’s Super W month! The month of June has come around quick for our Western Force Women’s Super W players and in just a few weeks they will be heading across the country to develop their current skills as they take on some of the best.

RugbyWA dived deeper into the players that make up the highly talented group of women so that you can get to know them personally.

Langley Sesega, a Cottesloe RUFC player will share her answers to our questions this week. Take a look at what she had to say.

What was your first ever rugby experience? How old were you and why did you start playing initially?

School sevens competition was my first rugby experience; I was 15 years old.
Our school rugby coach wanted to field a sevens team at the comp and asked a few girls including myself if we would be keen to give it a go and we said yes.

What is your most memorable rugby moment to date? Highlight or unforgettable experience?

Playing for Australia in 2017 with the most talented group of girls I have ever come across. Being able to travel to some unbelievable countries and win a gold medal. As well as having all the hard work and training pay off

What would you say to younger females wanting to get into the sport?

If it is your dream, I encourage you to take the opportunities that you are given here in WA, if it’s at school or through a club or program. All my closest friends are met through rugby. You will meet amazing people, be handed all sorts of opportunities and get to travel to some unreal places.

It is a big commitment and a lot of hard work in involved but it is 100% worth it and more.

Stay tuned as we get to know more about the talented women from the Western Force Super W team in the coming weeks.