Draw confirmed for 2021 Fortescue Premier Grade

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by Rugby WA Media

The 2021 final draw has now been confirmed with the Fortescue Premier Grade slated to kick-off on April 10.

The competition will consist of the same 14 clubs as per the 2020 competition with trial matches already underway.

Local Media Services Company (LMSC) will be filming senior matches, with the chosen ‘Match of the Round’ being live-streamed on RugbyWA’s YouTube page, and the Rugby Xplorer App, making the Fortescue Premier Grade available to a national audience.

Additionally, all ‘Match of the Round’ replay’s will be available to view on the RugbyWA website.

RugbyWA will also be hosting a number of themed rounds in the 2021 season, with the aim of promoting the competitions key values and messages.

Continuing its longstanding partnership with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA), two ‘Belt Up’ rounds will be taking place during round three and round seventeen.

Now in its eighth season, RugbyWA’s ‘Belt Up’ rounds aim to promote safe driving on WA roads and the importance of wearing a seat belt.

In 2020’s mental health round both Joondalup and UWA premier grade sides donned yellow socks in support of the RUOK? message with the competition looking to replicate something similar in 2021.

The mental health round is scheduled for round eight of the Fortescue Premier Grade, promoting the health and wellbeing of RugbyWA participants.

2021 season will see an indigenous round being held collaboratively with our clubs. Celebrating Western Australia’s first nations people, Kalamunda Rugby Club will host an indigenous themed match against Wests Scarborough debuting an indigenous themed jersey.

These jerseys will be auctioned off prior to the game with all proceeds going towards the Bibbulmun Fund, which raises money to empower local first nations people to generate new possibilities in the way Aboriginal enterprise and entrepreneurial leaders do business.

RugbyWA CEO Nathan Charles spoke on how community rugby is shifting into a new era, with the 2021 Fortescue Premier Grade season being one of the most anticipated in recent memory.

“There is a lot of excitement surrounding the start of our premier competition.” Charles said.

“It’s great to hear so many people starting to engage with Club rugby in Western Australia. RugbyWA intends to foster and grow the game of Rugby Union across the state.

“In conjunction with our local clubs, we have been able to plan a number of key events and rounds throughout the season to celebrate key partnerships and messages.”

“This wouldn’t be possible without the hard work a diligence by the volunteers and committees at each premier club.”

“Personally, I am extremely excited to see what the Premier Grade competition can produce this year, I look forward to an exciting brand of rugby.”
All fixtures, live scoring and ladder results will be available on through the RugbyWA website as well as on the Rugby Xplorer App.

Fortescue Premier Grade Draw

*Match of the Round

Round 1 – April 10

Associates vs Palmyra*

Cottesloe vs Wests

UWA vs Joondalup

Nedlands vs Kalamunda

Southern Lions vs Wanneroo

Curtin Uni vs Perth Bayswater

ARKs vs Coastal Cavaliers

Round 2 – April 17

Joondalup vs Associates

UWA vs Cottesloe

Kalamunda vs Palmyra

Southern Lions vs Wests

Nedlands vs Perth Bayswater

Wanneroo vs Coastal Cavaliers

Curtin Uni vs ARKs*

Round 3 – April 24

Associates vs ARKs

Coastal Cavaliers vs Cottesloe

Palmyra vs Nedlands

Perth Bayswater vs Wests Scarborough

Joondalup vs Southern Lions*

UWA vs Wanneroo

Curtin Uni vs Kalamunda

Round 4 – May 1

Associates vs Curtin Uni

Cottesloe vs Nedlands

Palmyra vs Wanneroo

Wests Scarborough vs ARKs

Joondalup vs Kalamunda

Perth Bayswater vs UWA*

Southern Lions vs Coastal Cavaliers

Round 5 – May 8

Cottesloe vs Associates

Palmyra vs Perth Bayswater

Wanneroo vs Wests Scarborough

Nedlands vs Joondalup

Kalamunda vs UWA

ARKs vs Southern Lions

Curtin Uni vs Coastal Cavaliers

Round 6 – May 15

Nedlands vs Associates

Joondalup vs Cottesloe

Palmyra vs Wests Scarborough


Kalamunda vs Southern Lions

Wanneroo vs Curtin Uni

Coastal Cavaliers vs Perth Bayswater

Round 7 - May 22

Associates vs Wests Scarborough

Cottesloe vs Palmyra

Perth Bayswater vs Joondalup

Wanneroo vs Nedlands

Coastal Cavaliers vs UWA

ARKs vs Kalamunda

Southern Lions vs Curtin Uni

Round 8 – May 29

Kalamunda vs Associates

Cottesloe vs Wanneroo

Palmyra vs Joondalup

Wests Scarborough vs Coastal Cavaliers

ARKs vs Nedlands

UWA vs Curtin Uni

Southern Lions vs Perth Bayswater

General BYE – June 5


Round 9 – June 12

Coastal Cavaliers vs Associates

Cottesloe vs ARKs

Palmyra vs Southern Lions

Wests Scarborough vs UWA

Joondalup vs Wanneroo

Curtin Uni vs Nedlands

Kalamunda vs Perth Bayswater

Round 10 – June 19

Associates vs UWA

Perth Bayswater vs Cottesloe

ARKs vs Palmyra

Curtin Uni vs Wests Scarborough

Joondalup vs Coastal Cavaliers

Nedlands vs Southern Lions

Wanneroo vs Kalamunda

Round 11 – June 26

Wanneroo vs Associates

Southern Lions vs Cottesloe

UWA vs Palmyra

Wests Scarborough vs Nedlands

Joondalup vs Curtin Uni

Coastal Cavaliers vs Kalamunda

Perth Bayswater vs ARKs

Round 12 – July 3

Associates vs Southern Lions

Cottesloe vs Curtin Uni

Coastal Cavaliers vs Palmyra

Kalamunda vs Wests Scarborough

ARKs vs Joondalup

Nedlands vs UWA

Perth Bayswater vs Wanneroo

Round 13 – July 10

Associates vs Perth Bayswater

Kalamunda vs Cottesloe

Palmyra vs Curtin Uni

Wests Scarborough vs Joondalup

Nedlands vs Coastal Cavaliers

Southern Lions vs UWA

Wanneroo vs ARKs