UWA Rugby Club on the hunt for a new head physiotherapist

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by Rugby WA Media

UWA has started their preparations for the 2021 season searching for a new head physiotherapist to lead the club’s medical staff.

The Head Physiotherapist will work alongside the Head Coach, Club Coach and the Club Committee to manage the Club’s physiotherapists and medical supplies, with the ultimate goal of player injury prevention and management.

Responsibilities and Duties 

  • Performs professionally and works within the Club’s Code of Conduct policy
  • Works with all appointed coaches
  • Liaises with the Club Treasurer to formulate and adhere to a reasonable budget for the club’s physiotherapy and first aid requirements
  • Rosters appropriately trained individuals (including self) to game days, training sessions and other Club activities
  • Ensures and provides that ALL players receive appropriate attention pre- and post-matches
  • Attends selection meetings after Tuesday training, during the season
  • Provides post-match injury reports to the Premier Grade Coach by Monday (for Saturday fixtures)
  • Ensures all physiotherapy staff understand the Club’s emergency procedures and are issued with copies of the Club’s First Aid policy
  • Monitors physiotherapy staff qualifications and arrange first aid and/or immediate care training for new and existing volunteers as required
  • Makes sure first aid kits are issued to appointed individuals, suitably stocked, in good condition and contents are in date
  • Ensures serious injuries are reported promptly in line with Rugby AU regulations
  • Keeps records of player medical conditions and injuries securely and confidentially and ensures first aiders are briefed on any relevant conditions
  • Liaises with health practitioners to facilitate bookings, referrals and consultations where necessary

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Has excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Is highly organised and can forward plan
  • Is positive and enthusiastic
  • Is a qualified and registered physiotherapist with first aid knowledge

The estimated time commitment required as Head Physiotherapist is approximately 6-10 hours per week during the season. This time commitment is flexible and dependent on other staff and budget to be discussed and determined with the appointee. The Club will provide as much support as feasible in order to assist the Head Physiotherapists role.

The Head Physiotherapist is appointed for a 12-month term and may nominate for a Club Committee position elected annually at the AGM.

Interested applicants please contact Kenny Wapshaw:


0429 495 803

Applications close: November 11, 5:00pm AWST

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