Fortescue Premier Grade Team of the Week: Round 12

· WA Premier
by Rugby WA Media

Round 12 had it all in the Fortescue Premier Grade, huge victories, upsets and a number of classy performances. 

Check out all the stars in this round's - Team of the Week. 

1. Mathew De Beer – Joondalup Brothers

Coming up against a strong Cottesloe forward pack is no easy feat but Mathew De Beer held himself well, scrum efficiently and even scored himself a nice little push over try early in the game getting Joondalup off on the right foot early.

2. Sioeli Vaituulala - Palmyra

Palmyra hooker Sioeli Vaituulal put on a show on strength last weekend, he was solid in every hit up he took, pushing the defence past the game line.

He was rewarded mid-game with a classy push over try.

3. TJ Vunivalu – Wanneroo

Tj Vunivalu looked like he was having fun out there against the Curtin Goats.

He broke the line a number of times and threw a number of classy passes around the park, one of those included a cheeky bridge pass to set up teammate Kris Palmer.

4. Alexander Beacham – Associates

Week in week out Alexander Beacham has been doing the hard yards for Associates head coach Damien Elton.

This week he secured great ball for his teammates allowing Soaks’ backline to have a clean ball and enabling them to set up a well-rounded attack.

In a match with such a large margin as this, sometimes this work goes unseen however Beacham made it clear he was going to stand out to Associates’ last game at the Boneyard.

5. Hayden Croghan – Palmyra

Another solid edition week after week is Palmyra second-rower Hayden Crogden.

Standing at 6”2 Croghan physical presence on the field came in handy this weekend up against ARKS allowing him to bust the line and space for his teammates.

In addition to putting on a few solid hits Croghan’s ability to lead his side was crucial in the win and will be an asset heading into finals.

6. Jacob Rumble – Kalamunda

Despite the loss, Kalamunda didn’t go down without a fight and flanker Jacob Rumble definitely lead the charge in that regard.
He made some big runs and put on some big hits carrying the weight needed to keep his team in a hotly contested match.

7. Conor O’Sullivan - UWA

It was a toss of the coin this weekend between hattrick scorer for Wanneroo Cade Begg and UWA’s Conor O’Sullivan however he’s ability to break the line with such force against a strong Kalamunda defence, has catapulted O’Sullivan’s infamy as one the strongest ball runners in the Premier Grade.

He is following in the footsteps of UWA great and former PG Hampshire winner Carlo Tizzano.

8. Isaac Meo – Wests Scarborough

Former Perth Gold number eight Isaac Meo seems to have no handbrake every time he steps on the field.

He stuck out back and return a barrage of kicks from Nedlands only to return to positive territory with ball in hand.

It would be wise not to let this man get into space as his ability to run the ball and gain territory for his side is unmatched in the Premier Grade competition.

9. Michael Botes – Nedlands

It could be argued that the halfback position has been the most hotly contested spot in the Fortescue Premier Grade this year with a different name making TOTW each round.

The tactic by head coach Sam Rarasea to swap in and out Michael Botes and Nate Roberts between the 9 and 10 spots has served Nedlands well this year and both players have relished in it giving Nedlands an unpredictable attack.

They might have lost the game, but Michael Botes has been a rock for his team and will be a valuable asset heading into the Championship Divison finals.

10. Clay Uyen – Joondalup

Moving into the number ten jersey to replace unavailable Sheldon Tarawa, Clay Uyen relished in his new position leading his side to an upset victory over Cottesloe.

Alongside his well-known prowess as a ball runner, Uyen put on display his intelligence as a playmaker playing a part in more than a few Brothers’ tries.

11. Karaitiana Palmer – Wanneroo

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kris Palmer run out in a Wanneroo jersey and his return to the Roo-Dog ranks was certainly a welcome one.

He cut up the Curtin defence and found the ball whenever he could to bag an impressive three tries.

12. Tevita Sifa – Associates

Associates Tevita Sifa was an absolute workhorse running around Allen Park against Coastal Cavaliers over the weekend.

His silky step was impossible to get hold of plus every play he didn’t have the ball he was hitting rucks securing the ball for his side.


13. Aidan Higo – UWA

UWA’s Aidan Higo made it look easy out there on the weekend, finding space with ease.

His elusiveness enabled his team to break the line with ease and he was able to spark the forwarded momentum UWA needed to take control of the game.

14. Ross Palframan – Associates

When any side puts 127 points on the board you expect the wingers to get in on the action and Ross Palframan was certainly no stranger to points this weekend.

Scoring a whooping four tries in the match Palframan looked to get the ball in his hands at any opportunity resulting in some clean breaks all over the park.

15. Manihera Eden – Palmyra

One of the most prolific fullbacks in the Premier Grade this year, Manihera Eden put on a clinic this weekend calving up the ARKs defence with ease.

His time in the professional ranks at the Perth Spirit certainly shone through this weekend, scoring the first try of the game nicely followed by some brilliant support play all throughout the rest of the match.