John Taylor cup up for grabs in rivalry round between Palmyra and Perth Bayswater

· WA Premier
by Rugby WA Media

There will be a buzzing atmosphere at Pat O'Hara Reserve this weekend as Palmyra and Perth Bayswater battle it out for the prodigious John 'JT' Taylor Cup.

The ‘JT’ Cup has become an enshrined piece of silverware for both clubs over the past few years and is named in honour of the late John Taylor who was heavily affiliated with both clubs.

With a sought out rugby pedigree to his name, John Taylor relocated to Perth from New Zealand where he has left an instrumental mark on the sport like no other.

Following an extensive coaching career in New Zealand, Taylor helped guide Perth Bayswater to their 2007 premiership, their first in 11 years, and was phenomenal in his contribution to the club.

In 2010 Taylor accepted the head coach role at Palmyra where he embedded his family and embraced the culture.

John was renowned for his quiet and gentle nature who lived and breathed rugby and had a knowledge of the game that was unmatched amongst his peers.

Due to his influence at both Palmyra and Perth Bayswater, the ‘JT’ Cup is contested between the two sides every time they play and is a resemblance of the great relationship between the two clubs.

The ‘Palms’ head into the clash with a comfortable 51-0 win over Southern Lions and will be looking to retain their place in the top four after leap frogging West’s Scarborough into third.


On the other side of the spectrum, Perth Bayswater will be reeling from their 72-0 loss to Cottesloe and now face the daunting task of trying to usurp a Palmyra side that is in blistering form.

The 'Palms' will travel out to Pat O'Hara Reserve, Morley where they will face Perth Bayswater at 3:30pm AWST.