Fortescue Premier Grade Team of the Week: Round 2

· WA Premier
by Rugby WA Media

With big margins comes lots of tries, who stood out this weekend In the Fortescue Premier Grade

1. Russell Egan - Coastal Cavaliers

There is no doubt Coastal Cavaliers prop Russell Egan has gotten off to a flying start this year in the 2020 Fortescue Premier Grade. Now his second TOTW selection in a row Egan was even able to pick up some points this round, scoring a try in the Cav’s eight-point loss to Southern Lions.

2. Scott Cornell - Wanneroo

Wanneroo hooker Scott Cornell and an absolute stunner of a round two fronted up against UWA. Bagging himself a hattrick of tries over the weekend, Cornell played a monumental roll in keeping Wanneroo in the fray and was a clear standout of the number two spot in this week’s TOTW selection.

3. Chris Kidd - Perth Bayswater

Seasoned front-rower Chris Kidd has played a number of years for the Perth Bayswater Numbats however still seems to put on consistent performances week after week. Kidd's work at scrum time was a major factor in his game and his ability to get around the pitch with ease makes him a valuable assets and club would want in their front-row

4. Josh Yaranamua - ARKs

It’s not often a reserve player comes on to impact the game so much to get selected as best player for his position, however after subbing in for Nicolas Pearson at number four against Nedlands Josh Yaranumua did exactly that. Yaranumua brought a new energy to the field for ARKs and showed a relentless style of play especially with ball in hand. This payed off late in the game scoring a try through three Nedlands defenders off a quick tap penalty.

5. Hugh Huppatz - Cottesloe

Cottesloe’s Hugh Huppatz was a force to be reckoned with over the weekend putting on a brilliant display of physicality to dominate the entire game. His work rate across the park was unmatched and he was able to put it a couple of strong tackles swinging the momentum into Cottesloe’s favour.

6. Jackson Pugh - Palmyra

Despite not competing for the Western Force in Super Rugby AU, Jackson Pugh got the opportunity this weekend to return to his home club and some consistent rugby in the Fortescue Premier Grade. Not shying away Pugh took this opportunity by the horns and dominated the entire match, emerging as a clear standout throughout the entire hit-out.

7. Ryan King - Joondalup Brothers

Joondalup’s Ryan King is no stranger to big hits and going hard at the ball. Known at his club as the player for doing the hard yards “Kingy” put on a brilliant performance over the weekend hitting a number of rucks and no shying away to any contact. His work off the ball was extremely valued and a big reason why Joondalup were so dominant over Curtin University over the weekend.

8. Alex Rovira - Associates

Despite not playing in the 2019 season, Associates’ Al Rovira hasn’t taken long to get back into form after a year off. Like his performance in the 2018 Associates Premiership side Rovira was devastating both in defence and around the ruck in Soak’s matchup against Perth Bayswater and despite coming off early with an injury niggle, Rovira still showed himself to be a clear standout in the game.

9. Lachlan Phillips - Associates

Alongside Rovira in the gold jersey this week young gun Lachie Phillips was also able to earn a spot, proving himself to be the best halfback around the grounds for round two. After breaking into the Premier Grade side last season for Soaks, Phillips continues to excel his ability to fire quick ball from the ruck has made his sides attack devastating and his skill to find small gaps between the defensive line has earnt him a few points this season off the back of quick halfback darts over the try line. .

10. Walter Koteka - Wests Scarborough

After finishing as the Premier Grade’s highest point scorer in 2019, Walter Koteka now emerges as a leader in a young Wests Scarborough side in 2020. Relishing in this role Koteka was able to control the game well in their 16-point loss to Palmyra. Despite dropping their first two games of the season Wests still look good to be one of the more contending sides this year with Koteka now leading from the front.

11. Adam Marshall - Palmyra

Palmyra Rugby Club have always been known for their speed out wide with the likes of Chris Miller, Tarzan Smith and Manihera Eden all donning the blue and white jersey for the Palms. However, this week it was long-time member and club junior Adam Marshall who stood out from the wing position. Marshall showed a clean pair of heels and used some sleek offloads to put his teammates into space.

12. Leighton Short - Palmyra

It wasn’t just Palmyra’s work on the outside that earned them a convincing victory over Wests Scarborough over the weekend, but their work through the centre channels as well with inside centre Leighton Short picking himself up a number of meat pies over the weekend. Running hot lines off his number ten Short was exceptional at finding space over the weekend and attack the holes in the defence with power.

13. Alastair Haining - Cottesloe

In his first match of the year running on as captain for the Cottesloe seagulls there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Alastair Haining would be a big impact in the weekend’s match. Searching for the ball at every opportunity Haining was unstoppable with ball in hand, pair that with a couple of huge hits in defence and you get one of the most well-rounded performance seen by any club rugby centre.


14. Porokapa Tukaki (Joondalup Brothers) 

In the flurry of tries that was the Joondalup vs Curtin Uni game Porokapa Tukaki certainly took the opportunity to score a couple playing out on the wing. The former RugbyWA U19s representative was extremely hard to stop on attack and seemed to cut through the Curtin Goats defence.

15. Sam Healy - Associates

Another player to make the TOTW two weeks in a row, Soaks’ Sam Healy despite moving to the fullback position from wing this week still played exceptionally well and was able to pick himself up a few points. Yet again his footwork and speed into conduct were key factors to Healy’s success in the hit-out.