State Government lifts venue restrictions allowing larger crowds at club rugby

· WA Premier
by Rugby WA Media

Premier Mark McGowan has triggered phase four the COVID-19 restrictions easing the limits placed on crowds at community sporting events.

The announcement was announced yesterday with the changes coming into effect on Saturday June 27.

The only venue rule that still remains is a two square metre rule for club’s indoor areas.

Club’s with gyms can now operate without supervision with key elements of good hygiene and 1.5 metre physical distancing still in place.

As the WA community rugby competitions return on July 4 the move is a positive step towards getting supporters back into the local clubs ahead of the start of the Fortescue Premier Grade.

As club sport starts to revert back to normal standards RugbyWA advises players, volunteers and supporters to still practise physical distancing and safe hygiene standards as we look to avoid another infection spike as seen in other states around the country.

As team nominations rapidly change as we get closer to the start of the season the finalisation Junior Rugby fixtures have been delayed and are set to arrive this week.

The along with the announcement the state government have released a phase four roadmap which can be viewed here.