Fortescue Premier Grade set to reignite in July

· WA Premier
by Rugby WA Media

WA’s premier rugby competition the Fortescue Premier Grade has had its start date confirmed, kicking off on July 4.

All 14 clubs are set to be re-entering the tournament for the 2020 season with trial games set in the weekends prior to the round one start date.

Due to current state government restrictions crowds will be subjected a three-zone system set out by the local club’s COVID management plan, however it is likely restrictions could change before the competition commences.

RugbyWA’s livestreamed ‘Match of the Round’ will also be returning with one fixture being shown on the RugbyWA YouTube channel by digital supplier Local Media Services Company (LMSC).

Premier Grade replay’s will also be shown on free-to-air channel NITV with times still yet to be confirmed by owning network SBS.

Additionally, all ‘Match of the Round’ replay’s will be available to view on the RugbyWA website.

Continuing its longstanding partnership with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA), RugbyWA will host two ‘Belt Up Rounds’ strengthening the road safety message for WA drivers in rounds 6 and 13.

RugbyWA CEO Bob Hunter said despite the delayed start, RugbyWA will be holding nothing back in delivering a first-class rugby competition for its supporters in 2020.

“Our clubs have been working tirelessly with us over the past couple of months to ensure the return of competition.”

“Getting back to playing won’t only be a breath fresh air for our players but also for our loyal supporters, members and volunteers who I’m sure are all itching to see our local players return to the field.”

“Given the challenges community rugby has faced to start the year I commend all stakeholders who have worked together in drawing up a safe return to play plan that has allowed our players supporters the opportunity to get behind grassroots rugby again.”

“At the end of the day rugby’s the winner.”

All fixtures, live scoring and ladder results will be available on through the RugbyWA website as well as on the Rugby Xplorer App. 

Fortescue Premier Grade Draw 

*Match of the Round
Round 1 – July 4

Perth Bayswater vs Kalamunda

Wanneroo vs Cottesloe

Coastal Cavaliers vs Nedlands*

Arks vs Associates

UWA vs Wests Scarborough

Southern Lions vs Joondalup Brothers

Curtin Uni vs Palmyra

Round 2 – July 11

Perth Bayswater vs Associates

Wanneroo vs UWA

Coastal Cavaliers vs Southern Lions

Cottesloe vs Kalamunda*

Palmyra vs Wests Scarborough

Nedlands vs ARKs

Curtin Uni vs Joondalup Brothers

Round 3 – July 18

ARKs vs Curtin Uni*

UWA vs Coastal Cavaliers

Palmyra vs Cottesloe
Southern Lions vs Nedlands

Associates vs Wanneroo

Wests Scarborough vs Kalamunda

Joondalup Brothers vs Perth Bayswater

Round 4 – July 25

Coastal Cavaliers vs Wanneroo

Kalamunda vs Joondalup Brothers

ARKs vs Perth Bayswater

UWA vs Southern Lions

Nedlands vs Palmyra

Associates vs Cottesloe*

Wests Scarborough vs Curtin Uni 

Round 5 – August 1 

Perth Bayswater vs Curtin Uni*

Wanneroo vs Wests Scarborough

Kalamunda vs Coastal Cavaliers

Cottesloe vs UWA

Palmyra vs Associates

Southern Lions vs ARKs

Joondalup Brothers vs Nedlands

Belt Up Round 6 – August 8 

UWA vs Perth Bayswater

Palmyra vs Coastal Cavaliers*
Nedlands vs Wanneroo

Associates vs Kalamunda

Wests Scarborough vs Cottesloe

Curtin Uni vs Southern Lions

Joondalup Brothers vs ARKs 

Round 7 – August 15

Perth Bayswater vs Nedlands

Wanneroo vs Southern Lions

Kalamunda vs Curtin Uni

ARKs vs Wests Scarborough*

Cottesloe vs Coastal Cavaliers

Palmyra vs UWA

Associates vs Joondalup Brothers

Round 8 – August 22

Wanneroo vs Perth Bayswater

Coastal Cavaliers vs Wests Scarborough

Kalamunda vs ARKs

Cottesloe vs Southern Lions

UWA vs Associates*

Nedlands vs Curtin Uni

Joondalup Brothers vs Palmyra

Round 9 - August 29

Perth Bayswater vs Coastal Cavaliers

Wanneroo vs Joondalup Brothers*


Palmyra vs Kalamunda

Associates vs Nedlands

Wests Scarborough vs Southern Lions

Curtin Uni vs Cottesloe

Round 10 – September 5

Coastal Cavaliers vs ARKs

Kalamunda vs Wanneroo

Cottesloe vs Perth Bayswater

UWA vs Nedlands

Southern Lions vs Palmyra*

Curtin Uni vs Associates

Joondalup Brothers vs Wests Scarborough

Round 11 – September 12

Perth Bayswater vs Palmyra

Coastal Cavaliers vs Curtin Uni

ARKs vs Wanneroo

Nedlands vs Cottesloe

Southern Lions vs Kalamunda

Wests Scarborough vs Associates

Joondalup Brothers vs UWA*

Round 12 – September 19

Perth Bayswater vs Southern Lions*

Wanneroo vs Curtin Uni

Cottesloe vs Joondalup Brothers

UWA vs Kalamunda

Palmyra vs ARKs

Nedlands vs Wests Scarborough

Associates vs Coastal Cavaliers

Belt Up Round 13 – September 26

Wanneroo vs Palmyra

Coastal Cavaliers vs Joondalup Brothers

Kalamunda vs Nedlands*

ARKs vs Cottesloe

Southern Lions vs Associates

Wests Scarborough vs Perth Bayswater

Curtin Uni vs UWA

Semi-Finals – October 3-4
Grand Finals – October 10-11