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Active Rugby Hubs: Home Workout, week 6

Thu, 21/05/2020, 2:54 am
Rugby Australia
by Rugby Australia
Lori Cramer keeps a watchful eye on her pass. Photo: Stuart Walmsley
Lori Cramer keeps a watchful eye on her pass. Photo: Stuart Walmsley

Welcome to week six of the Active Rugby Hubs Home Workouts.

Week one workout here.

Week two workout here.

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Week five workout here.

1. WARM UP - Two Rounds (5 minutes)

1.a 8 x 10m Locomotion low skips

1.b 8 x 10m Locomotion Carioca

1.c 8 x 10m Acceleration Varied Starts

2. MAIN WORKOUT - Two Rounds (20 minutes)

2.a 60secs x Ball handling skills, hand-eye

Use the above video as a guide. This is good for four players standing the recommended 1.5m distance apart. One ball will always move laterally and one will always move forward, so the middle player is challenged the most. Ensure all catchers and middle men have a target (hands up). After 10-12 passes, rotate the middle player or rotate after 1 minute each.

Beginner - get rid of one ball and player

Advanced - Speed up the pass rate or even clap before catch

2.b 10 x Pick and place random 

This can also be done in one-minute intervals. Ensure squares are big enough to keep players separated where necessary.

Beginners - Slow speed down and focus on picking up ball and placing (scoring try). Add more balls inside square to pick up.

Advanced - Add reps and speed of movement in square (can time how many pick and places can be done within a minute).

2.c 12 x Multi directional lunge, partner pass in between


Beginner - No catch pass after each lunge

Advanced -Add multiple balls and make catch-pass continuous during the lunge movement without losing technique

2.d 12 x Spiderman Pushups

Beginner - Regular pushups

Advanced - Add in a 3-metre crawl before push up

2.e 12 x Forward tuck jumps 


Beginner - No movement, stationary jumps only

Advanced - Run five metres before performing jump

2.f 10 x Lateral catch-pass

Suggest that group starts spaced apart and then needs to realign into a new space and perform lateral passes running forward. Ensure players maintain good technique - eyes up, target shown, ball across body, hands end up facing target, body moves forward when passing and facing the goal line, not sideline. Rotate positions every few reps.

Beginner - Stationary only

Advanced - Time to work back into good alignment and more pace on the catch-pass of the lateral pass

2.g 50 x Mountain climbers (burpee every 10 reps)

Beginner - No burpee

Advanced - Add in a tuck jump at the top of every burpee

3. FINISHER - One Set (5 minutes)

3.a 60sec x Plank

3.b 60sec x Side plank (30 secs each side)

3.c 60sec x Side plank with leg lifts (30 secs per side)