Academy in isolation – Alexander Masibaka

by Rugby WA Media

As training starts to ramp up again for the RugbyWA Senior Academy athletes, we caught up with former Australian U18s and Associates Rugby Club player Alexander Masibaka to see how he was travelling up to this point.

Like every athlete Masibaka was missing the chance to compete on the field however the hiatus has allowed him to spend more time with his family which he stated is the biggest motivator for him.

“A few positives from not playing at the moment is having a little break to let some of my injures and niggles heal,” Masibaka said.

“One of the biggest aspects from not playing at the moment is the extra time I get to spend with my family, that has been hugely rewarding for me.”

During his time in iso Masibaka was invited by Western Force head coach Tim Sampson to take part in the pro-team's special individualized training allowing him to get back on the field and train.



“Training with the Western Force guys is a definite step up and has shown me in a sense me that I have a lot to improve upon in my rugby journey,” Masibaka explained.

“There are certain standards and expectations you must reach in order to make it at that level and maintain your game and I’m super excited to take on that challenge.”

Although on field with the Force doing individualised training, Masibaka has had to do most of his conditioning at home.

“I have a little gym set up out the back of my house, so I’ve been doing my sessions in there, it’s obviously not the same environment as back at HQ but it’s doing me well.”

“A big part of my training is boxing; I’ve done a quiet a few sessions with my brother.”

“The boxing helps me a lot with my explosive power and footwork on the field and because I’m a big boxing/UFC fan I find it a heap of un.”

While training has been very intensive for Masibaka he has also picked up other hobbies to pass the time so he can stay mentally fit as well.

“To pass the time in iso and not training, I like to play quite a bit of PlayStation with my mates, Fortnite and NBA 2K are the main games I play.

“It’s good to have a laugh and catch up with people while I can’t go and actually see them.”

Masibaka with the help of the Senior Academy staff members and other players has gone through isolation quiet smoothly, however he is now move than ever eager to get back to the field and start competing at the highest level.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out there and doing what I love,” Masibaka said.”

“I love to compete and that’s what I want to get back to in the next couple of months.”