RugbyWA supports Australian Government’s COVID-Safe App

by Rugby WA Media

RugbyWA has pledged its support for the Australian Government’s COVID-Safe App – a major initiative being deployed to help protect the health of the community by quickly alerting people who may be at risk of having contact with Coronavirus.

Consistent with its ongoing commitment to support the health and welfare of the Rugby community, RugbyWA has today called on players, volunteers, Rugby officials and fans across the rugby community to download the app to play an important role in curbing the spread of the virus.

The contact app launched by the Government on Sunday night, alerts health officials if a person has come into close contact with someone who is diagnosed with the virus, enabling them to then notify people who have been in close contact with someone infected with the virus so they can self-quarantine and be tested.

RugbyWA CEO, Bob Hunter said: "It is Rugby WA and Rugby AU’s position that this app is an important part of the strategy to assist in managing the ongoing fight against this virus and its impacts on us all."

"In terms of our society and then our sport it is fairly simple, the use of this app will assist in the Tracing component of the medical system’s capacity to protect people and assist in managing the virus."

"We therefore strongly encourage RugbyWA club members to support and promote the download and use of this app."

In the words of the Federal Sports Minister, “If you want to get out to play, then download the App today."

You can download the app via the links below:




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