Fortescue Premier Grade Preview – Belt Up Round 18

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by Rugby WA Media

Belt-Up Match of the Round – Championship Division

Southern Lions v Coastal Cavaliers, Success Regional Sporting Facility. Hammond Road, Success. Kick-Off 3:30pm

The second edition of Belt-Up Match of the Round for 2019 is heading to Success this weekend where the Southern Lions will host the Coastal Cavaliers for a rumbling clash.

Despite both teams being knocked out of Championship Division finals contention, both sides will be chomping at the bit to finish off their seasons on a high note.

Both teams are coming off the back of tough losses last round which will make their thirst for victory even greater on Saturday.

The Southern Lions succumbed a 52-24 loss at the hands of Kalamunda while the Cavaliers trip to HBF Arena ended in heartbreak in a 29-14 loss to Joondalup.

Not only is this Belt-Up Match of the Round expected to showcase another impeccable display of rugby for 2019, but it will also serve as a friendly reminder to Belt-Up whenever you get in the car and make sure your loved ones also Belt-Up to ensure paramount safety on the roads.



Premiership Division

Nedlands v Wanneroo, The Foreshore. Cnr Broadway & Esplanade, Nedlands. Kick-Off 3:30pm

Nedlands pulled off a marvelous win against Wests Scarborough last weekend to maintain their late season dominance and retain their spot at the top of the Premiership Division ladder.

Nedlands halfback Michael Botes played an influential part in the win, scoring two tries and proving to be a strong link between the forwards and the backs.

Nedlands stellar form at the back end of the season will serve as a stark reminder to Wanneroo that they are the team to beat, especially at their Fortress that is the Foreshore.

Wanneroo were no match for the well-equipped Cottesloe team last week, going down 64-19 in what will be a day to forget for this ‘Roo-Dogs’squad.

However, Nedlands will have to be on full alert on Saturday as Wanneroo has proven in the past that they can be an unpredictable side ready to pounce at a moments notice.



Cottesloe v UWA, Harvey Field. Broome Street, Cottesloe. Kick-Off 3:30pm

Nothing but a win will be acceptable for UWA this weekend as they scrap it out for a desperately needed victory against a perilous Cottesloe side to keep open their chances of a spot in the Premiership Division semi-finals.

Last week’s Fortescue Match of the Round between Associates and UWA certainly lived up to its hype. However, it was UWA who fell victim, and became another statistic at Associates’ ‘Boneyard’.

Their loss last week means UWA’s Premiership semi-final chances hang by a thread, and with Cottesloe waiting to pounce on them at Harvey Field, they will have a mountain to climb this weekend if they are to secure their spot in the semi-finals.

The previous few weeks had been a struggle for Cottesloe, and they faced the danger of slipping to third place on the Premiership Division ladder last week having sat at the top for most of the season, but they turned up the heat on Saturday to cruise to a big win over Wanneroo.

Cottesloe outside centre Alistair Haining must be commended for his performance against Wanneroo, causing carnage all over the field to cross for four tries.

Harvey Field will no doubt be a field of dreams this weekend as this epic clash hosts two teams who are ready to tear each other apart.



Associates v Wests Scarborough, Allen Park. Odern Crescent, Swanbourne. Kick-Off 3:30pm

The Belt-Up Round continues as Associates hosts Wests Scarborough back at the ‘Boneyard’ for a do or die clash for a chance at the Premiership Division Semi-Finals.

Associates kept their slim finals chances alive last week with a spirited win over UWA. It was a feisty clash that saw ‘Soaks’ come from behind to steal the spoils during the last tick of the clock.

Soaks Premier Grade Debutant and Western Force U18s and U19s product Alex Masibaka changed the momentum of the game in favor of Associates after a jubilant run down the side of the field to put Associates in the driver seat.

Western Force superstar Rodney Iona was able to deliver the final blow throwing a cut out pass to winger Facundo Aguirre to all but seal the deal for the men in gold.

Despite their loss at home to Nedlands last week, Wests Scarborough will be eager to knock Associates out of Premiership Division semi-finals contention and claim bragging rights in a rivalry that has blown to epic proportions over the last few years.

Tensions will be flaring between these two sides on Saturday as Wests travel to Allen Park hoping to bring Associates season to an end.


Championship Division


Kalamunda v Joondalup, Hartfield Park. Morrison Road, Forrestfield. Kick-Off 3:30pm

These two sides have both experienced a seesaw season with plenty of ups and downs, but nothing will prepare them for what is waiting for them at the ‘Bull Pen’ this weekend.

Both teams have had ferocious forward packs in 2019, laying solid foundations for their backlines and now they will be going head to head this weekend for what will be a colossal fixture.

Kalamunda will enter the game with a surge of momentum having defeated the Southern Lions 52-24 in Success last week while Joondalup will also have a spring in their step as they toppled the ever-improving Coastal Cavaliers team.

The last time these sides met was in round 13 where Joondalup prevailed 30-12 victors, but this match could be a different story this weekend as Kalamunda pursue a spot in the Championship semi-finals with a loss ending their season.


Palmyra v Arks, Tompkins Park. Canning Highway, Alfred Cove. Kick-Off 3:30pm

Since their relegation to the Championship Division Palmyra have not put a foot wrong and will be looking for another victory against ARKs on Saturday as they prepare themselves for the upcoming Championship Division semi-finals.

Whilst Palmyra have dominated the Championship Division since the Fortescue Premier Grade split up in round 14, ARKs have never been to far behind, stirring up some brilliant performances of their own sending a resounding message last week with a 97-10 win over Curtin.

Sitting well on top of the Championship Division ladder, Palmyra have booked their place in the Championship semi-finals, however ARKs must win this weekend to secure a place in the semi-finals hoping that Kalamunda fall to Joondalup.

This fixture will have an extra amount of spice in it with Palmyra hungry to amend themselves from their one-point loss to ARKs in round 13 that bumped them into the Championship Division.



Curtin v Perth Bayswater, Edinburgh Oval. Dumas Road, Bentley. Kick-Off 3:30pm

Curtin’s soul-crushing loss to ARKs on the weekend was a far cry from their history-making victory the week before, but they will smell blood this weekend as they scavenge for their second victory for the season against Perth Bayswater at Edinburgh Oval.

Perth Bayswater will need to bring a strong performance this weekend as they head to ‘Goat Land’ hoping to avoid the upset that the Southern Lions suffered two weeks ago.

Perth Bayswater side put in a commendable performance against the top of the Championship Division team Palmyra last weekend but in the end it was Palmyra who had the last laugh leaving ‘The Numbats’ with another bittersweet loss for 2019.

Curtin would relish another win in the Fortescue Premier Grade this season, celebrating their 50th year anniversary after this fixture.

Curtin Uni vs Perth Bayswater will start at 2:30pm due to post match celebrations.

Starting XVs






1. Paasi Fine,   2.  Jesse Tooala,   3. Ignacio Iturbe   4.  Shay Lagan,   5. Hamish Donovan, 6.  Michael Hardwick,   7.  Alex Rovira,   8. Lachlan Valentine, (C) , 9.  Lachie Phillips,   10.   Robbie Ingram,   11. Jackson Gilbey,   12. Tevita Sifa ,   13. Ross Palframan 14. Facundo Aguirre, 15.  Ben Moran


Coastal Cavaliers

1.  Marcus Vanzati,  2.  Bitner Tumanuvao,  3.  Paulo N'uu,  4.  Ratu Berry,  5.  Hendricus (Ricky) Van Der Heyden,  6.  Terangiamoa Rapatini,  7.  Sifa Likio,  8.  Gerard De Klerk,  9.  Matthew Griffiths,  10.  Blayke Taiwhati,  11. Zebdee Learoyd,  12.  Zac Nicolson,  13.  Luke Petherick,  14.  James Petherick,  15.  Bodie Etheridge (Capt.) 



1.Darius Takurua, 2.Michael Walker, 3.Laffs Ikenasio, 4.Keiran Stringer ©, 5.Tobias Hoskins, 6.Alec Fontalvo, 7.Simione ‘Simi’ Vuetiverata, 8.Ethan Cayless, 9.Tim Parks,10.Sam Parker, 11.Mayson Hill, 12.Netinili ‘Nili’ Fielea, 13.Alistair Haining, 14.Tamba Lebbie, 15.Ben Meredith


Curtin Uni

1.Thompson Cross, 2.  Russell Keegan,  3.  Quent Hay, 4.  John O’Reilly, 5.  Adam Ansbro, 6.  Elliot Daniel, 7.  Rhys Bormolini, 8.  Marty Slabber, 9.  Jared Deacon, 10.  Brendan Fleming, 11. Tim Bailey, 12.  Winston Cocker, 13.  Robbie Fulton (C), 14.  Colin Thomson, 15.  Nikki Suckling




 1.  Victor Harris, 2.  Wade Botha, 3.  Isaac Cavu, 4.  Michael Cromie, 5.  Matt de Beer, 6.  Maikali Rabaro, 7.  Max Wood, 8.  Cam Ross, 9.  Keane Hird, 10.  Liam Harrington, 11.  Conor Callan, 12.  Sam Long, 13.  Jordan Zietsman, 14.  Porikapa Tukaki, 15.  James Wepener


Kalamunda - TBC




 1.  Joseph Ritchie *100th first grade cap,  2.  Urbain Lawrence,  3.  Jonathon Tiueti,  4.  Mike Egan (c),  5. Drake Robson,  6.  Aiden Laxton, 7.  Shane Hemi, 8.  David Bailey, 9.  Mike Botes, 10.  Dylan Loversidge, 11.  Al Momoisea, 12.  Jackson Neilson, 13.  Ammon Matuauto (vc), 14.  Christoff Cronje, 15.  Kauri Cudd



1.Ethan Poi, 2. Sioeli Vaituulala, 3.Piersen Kenington, 4.Kale Bisset, 5.Andrew Sanders, 6.Aaron McPhee, 7.Jackson Pugh, 8.Dylan Cunningham, 9.Michael McDonald, 10.Leighton Short, 11.Trevor Smith,12.Tommy Foster, 13.Trey Maloney, 14.Chris Miller, 15.Adam Marsh


Perth Bayswater

1.  Aden Kambouris,    2.  Ben Buist,   3.  Max Veech,   4.  Charlie Read,   5.  Brandon Olow,   6.  Owen Milburn,   7.  Faamanu Kalolo,   8.  Jacob Buist (C),  9.  Keenan Meade,   10.  Victor Paul,   11.  Isaac Davidson,   12.  Kolia Konelio,   13.  Walker Smith,   14.  Carlos Flutey-Clarke,   15.  Shane Parkinson 

Southern Lions

1.  Mike Smith, 2.  Joey Claes, 3.  Mosese Waqa, 4.  Jordan Shelford, 5. Sam Toy, 6.  Nemani Tuitubou, 7.  Matt Gibson (CC), 8.  Vereti Tupou, 9.  Ben Carr, 10. Kyle Fell, 11.            Petero Taitusi, 12.  Joel Lamatoa, 13.  Greg Jackson (CC), 14.  Joe Ratusoqosoqo, 15.  Jonah Naborisi



 1.  Paea Fonoifua, 2.  Harry Scoble  (C),  3.  Will Siebert, 4.   Jack Bromley, 5.  John Perrott, 6.   Tom Cavanagh, 7.  Connor O’Sullivan, 8.  Ben Taylor, 9.  Rory O'Sullivan, 10.  Conor Hughes, 11.  Byron Sharwood, 12.  Nick Wolman, 13.  Aiden Higo, 14.  Leon Feke, 15.  Rommy Masi,



Wanneroo - TBC



Wests Scarborough

1. Nick McLennan, 2. K. Koteka, 3. Dom Hardman, 4. Liam Clews, 5. Matt O’Brian, 6. Simon Parsons, 7. Jack Taylor, 8. Issac Meo, 9. Michael Marshall, 10. Jarome Leonard, 11. Nika Morehu, 12. Louie David, 13. Chris Tuatara-Morrison, 14. Winiata Cherrington, 15. Walter Koteka