Fortescue Premier Grade Preview Round-6

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by Rugby WA Media

Fortescue Premier Grade livestreamed fixture

ARKs vs Coastal Cavaliers, Harrisdale Field. Gracefield Boulevard, Harrisdale. Kick-off at 3:30 pm.


This week’s Fortescue Senior Rugby Livestream between ARKS and Coastal Cavaliers is a very special one contesting the Cooper-Sullivan Shield a shield traditionally fought between ARKS & the Mandurah Pirates back in the Championship Grade.


Originally contested between each club's highest division this year the shield will be up for grabs in the Premier Grade competition.   

Named after club stalwarts Neil Cooper & Terry Sullivan who both originated at ARKs rugby club before relocating south to join Mandurah.


Sullivan through his voluntary efforts became a Life Member at ARKS prior to leaving the club, unfortunately Terry passed away in December last year and both clubs/teams will commemorate Terry this weekend with a minutes silence prior to every senior match at Harrisdale Oval.


The Premier Grade game could be an interesting one with Coastal Cavaliers much improved from last year’s performances.


Coastal Cavalier’s forward pack played particularly well in the Cavs loss to Associates last weekend with Paulo Nu’u leading the charge in the first half.


The ARKs Premier Grade side is a much similar position going down to front runners UWA last weekend, Ben Calder standing out with two tries in the first half.


This matchup will be impossible to pick with a lot on the line for both sides, definitely a game worth watching on RugbyWA’s live stream if you can’t make it out to Harrisdale oval.


Click here to view the livestream



Kalamunda vs Cottesloe, Hartfield Park. Morrison Road, Forrestfield. Kick off at 3:30 pm.


After two back to back losses Cottesloe need to get back to their winning ways in the first three rounds, this week will be no walk in the park coming up against a formidable Kalamunda side.

Last weekend Kalamunda came away with a overwhelming 43-29 win over a young Wanneroo side with winger Usaia Ralulu coming away with a hat trick.

Cottesloe will not be easy however with many players returning from injury this week it won’t take them much to return to the form we saw against Wests Scarborough in round one.


Perth Bayswater vs Wests Scarborough, Bennett Park. Millcrest Street, Doubleview. Kick-off 3:30 pm.


Wests Scarborough hasn't looked back since their round one loss to Cottesloe coming away with all wins since toppling well-performing teams.

This week they are coming up against Perth Bayswater Wests will need to be on their game, despite a couple of performances that didn’t go their way ‘the numbats’ could pull anything out of the bag as they did against ARKs and Southern Lions.

Under well-converted coach Brenden Loag it’s only a matter of time before Perth Bayswater start putting wins on the board.


UWA vs Nedlands, McGillivray Oval. Brockway Road, Mount Claremont. Kick-off at 3:30 pm.


Down at McGillivray Oval it will be a top of the table clash between UWA and Nedlands as the Uni boys look to continuing their unbeaten season down at their home ground ‘The Library’

Coming away with a dominant win over ARKs last weekend UWA will be sure to rally together for another week in a row lead by captain Harry Scoble.

Nedlands have been just as good this season only falling in one game to Wests Scarborough back in round three.

Neddies will be hoping to see a repeat performance from winger Maia King who scored an impressive six tries last weekend.



Wanneroo vs Palmyra, Kingsway Reserve. Spectator Drive, Madeley. Kick off at 3:30 pm



Kingsway Reserve will host a clash of the youngsters as Wanneroo go up against Palmyra, this game seeing a lot of Colts and Senior Academy players running out for their clubs.

The Palms have been devastating in the Premier Grade early on committing to rucks and showing impressive work rate throughout the team, it’ll be hard to overcome this well-drilled squad lead by coach Jack Lloyd.

Wanneroo is no stranger to this style of play having Senior Academy star Oliver Callan in their ranks, coming away with several consistent performances Palmyra will need to keep an eye on the former league captain if they hope to contain him.

Joondalup vs Associates, HBF Arena. Kennedya Drive, Joondalup. Kick off at 3:30 pm.


After coming away with a win at home against the Coastal Cavaliers, Associates are starting to return to the form we saw in last year’s premiership-winning team.

Heading north to HBF arena this week it is going to be tough to overcome the Joondalup Brothers as fly-half and captain Sheldon Tarawa will return from his debut Rapid Rugby cap with the Asia Pacific Dragons.

Associates will look to captain Dean Taylor-Menzies to lead the team to victory, his toughness around the field is unmatched in the Premier Grade.


Southern Lions vs Curtin University, Success Sportsplex. Hammond Road Sth, Success. Kick-off 3:30 pm.


Finally, out at Success Sportsplex the Southern Lions will look to claim two on the trot facing the Curtin Uni Goats.

After a brilliant defensive win over Cottesloe last weekend the Southern Lions will head home stronger as the Fijian star Masivesi Dakquwana returns from the Western Force.

Curtin will need to put their blowout loss to Nedlands behind them this week as the Southern Lions will prove to be another worthy opponent.

The defence will be key for Curtin this weekend as the Southern Lions will run out a number of hard ball-runners in the backline.

Using the boot of scrumhalf Jarod Deacon the Goats could well make use of the penalty game this weekend to try and get an edge over the home team.  


Starting XVs




1. Levi Auvae, 2. Selwyn Kani, 3. Hemi Tuiavi’i, 4. Harris Tuhakaraina, 5. Kahurangi Olsen-Butler, 6. Harrison Orr, 7. Russell Burges ©, 8. Ben Calder, 9. Ryan Black, 10. Saula Fifita, 11. Tommy Fifita-Tovo, 12. Gershom Adams, 13. Conrad Gillingham, 14. Neli Auvae, 15. Sione Lomu



1. Nick Beacham, 2. Danny Griffiths, 3. Michael D'Adamo, 4. Lachie Valentine, 5. Zander Beacham 6. Michael Hardwick, 7. Hamish Donovan, 8. Al Rovira, 9. Nick Doherty, 10. Harry Webster, 11. Facundo Aguirre, 12. Tevita Sifa, 13. Ross Palframan, 14. Ricki Wylie, 15. Robbie Ingram


Coastal Cavaliers

1.  Paulo Nu'u, 2.  Jeffrey Ward, 3.  Russell Egan, 4. Jacob Townrow, 5.  Hendrick Van Der Heyden, 6. Matthew Petherick, 7.  Solomone Likio, 8. Gerard De Klerk, 9. Matthew Griffiths, 10. Charl Nieuwenhuis, 11. Blayke Taiwhati, 12. Zac Nicolson, 13. James Petherick, 14. Dean Tyrrell, 15. Brandon Steele


Cottesloe - TBC

Curtin Uni

1. John O’Reilly, 2. Russ Keegan, 3. Elliot Daniel, 4. Lachlan Costello (C), 5. Ben Williams, 6. Chris Rayner, 7. Adam Ansbro 8. Marty Slabber (VC), 9. Liam Becker, 10. Andrew Lightbody, 11. Colin Thompson, 12. Tim Bailey, 13. Ilestyn Coles, 14. Rhys Bormolini, 15. Zack Watkins



1. Victor Harris, 2. Issac Cavu, 3. Matt de Beer 4. Michael Cromie, 5. Joshua Plane 6. Patrick Tuialii, 7. Alex  O’Dell 8. Cam Ross 9. Brendan Vorster 10. Liam Harrington 11. Jordan Zeitsmam 12. Sheldon Tarawa 13. James Wepener 14. Sam Bong 15. Tainne Finn

Kalamunda - TBC


1. Joe Simeon, 2. Jack Byrne, 3. Damo Pacceca, 4. Mike Egan ©, 5.Tui Roberts, 6. David Bailey 7. Shane Hemi, 8. Grayson Knapp, 9. Callum Thomas  10. Dylan Loversidge, 11. Al Momoisea, 12. Zach Makavilitogia , 13. Ammon Matuauto (vc), 14.Maia King, 15. Kauri Cudd


1. Ethan Poi, 2. Sioeli Vaituulala, 3. Piersen Kenington, 4. Andrew Sanders, 5. Kale Bissett, 6. Aaron McPhee, 7. Jack Coffin, 8. Dylan Cunningham, 9. Hayden Whitmee-Lloyd 10. Leighton Short, 11. Chris Miller, 12. Tom Foster, 13. Marcus Arindell, 14. Tarzan Smith, Trey Maloney

Perth Bayswater

1.  Aden Kambouris,   2. Ben Buist, 3.  Max Veech, 4. Charlie Read,   5. Sam Thornley, 6. Jacob Buist (C),   7. Owen Milburn, 8. Faamanu Kalolo, 9.  Keenan Meade, 10. Tyrese Grey, 11. Toso Pa,   12. Kolia Konelio, 13. Walker Smith, 14. Carlos Flutey-Clarke,   15. Shane Parkinson


Southern Lions 

1. Semisi Qalova, 2. Mike Tui, 3. Heamasi Vaka Akauola, 4. Scott Turnbull, 5. Sam Toy, 6. Melakhi Falaniko, 7. Anton Petrowitsch, 8. Jordon Shelford, 9. Kyle Fell, 10. Brad Fell ©, 11. Ben Carr, 12.  Vereti Tupou, 13. Greg Jackson, 14. Masivesi Dakuwaqa, 15. Jacob Foster-Hall


1. Su’e Liaga, 2. Harry Scoble © 3. Sione Atiola, 4. Jack Bromley, 5. John Perrott, 6. Paea Fonoifua, 7. Connor Spence, 8. Al Cockman 9. Rory O’Sullivan, 10. Keano Van Dieman, 11. Nick Chadwick 12. Dylan Fletcher, 13. Nick Wolman, 14. Hugh  O’Sullivan, 15. Rommy Masi

Wanneroo - TBC


Wests Scarborough

1. Nick Mclennan ©, 2. Dylan Hutchins, 3. Dom Hardman, 4. Malai Tuifagalele, 5. Matt O’Brian, 6. Issac Meo, 7. Liam Fitts, 8. Serge Sapsford, 9. Michael Marshall, 10. Walter Koteka, 11. Cody Coe-Baker, 12. Kalala Meni, 13. Nika Morehu, 14. Darren O’Donovan , 15. Josh DeGoode