How to find Junior fixtures on Rugby Xplorer

by Rugby WA Media

As the RugbyWA Juniors season kicks off this weekend see how to find where your playing on the new Rugby Xplorer App.


This Rugby Xplorer self-help guide will assist RUGBY PARTICIPANTS to favourite a team, plus see their team’s news, fixtures and results.  NOTE: Your Club needs to have linked their Facebook page and created their teams before your can favourite them!   

Step One: Download Rugby Xplorer App

Apple Store:   
Google Play:

Step Two: Choose your team

1. Open Rugby Xplorer app

2. Click “Teams”

3. Click ‘Add a Team”

4. Click “Community Team”

5. Search by team name

6. Select team(s) you wish to follow by clicking the “+” button 

7. Click “save changes”  Teams will now appear under a tile. Note, all teams from the same club will appear under ONE tile. 

Step Three: Find fixtures 

1. Click “Teams”

2. Select team you want to see

3. ‘News’ tab will display Club’s recent Facebook posts (provided they have set this up in the admin portal)

4. Click the Fixtures’ tab will display all your team’s fixtures for the season . 

Step Four: Find Fixtures for the rest of your competition 

1. Click “Comps”

2. Select Competition your team participants in via the dropdown at the top

3. ‘Fixtures and Results’ tab displays fixtures by round for the whole competition 4. ‘Ladder’ tab shows full competition ladder


Junior Fixtures can also be seen on the RugbyWA Website Here