Fortescue Premier Grade preview round three

by Rugby WA Media

Fortescue Premier Grade Livestreamed fixture


UWA v Wanneroo, McGillivray Oval. Brockway Road, Mount Claremont. Kick-off at 3:30 pm


Two undefeated teams go head to head in the live stream fixture this week as UWA will take on the mighty ‘Roo Dogs’ at the library.

As flanker Carlo Tizzano pulls on blue for the Western Force UWA will have to live without him in round three.

Stepping up in his place will be Ben Taylor defiantly big shoes to fill for the uni boys, however with the success uni has found over the last two seasons.

As for Wanneroo, they scraped away with a massive one-point victory in the King of the North match in round two now it’s time to back in up leading into round three.

Future Force halfback Reece Anapu will be playing in his second game for Wanneroo, this game he will be out against his old club the same club he won the Colts championship with last season.

Associates v Palmyra, Allen Park. Odern Crescent, Swanbourne. Kick off at 3:30 pm.

Both these clubs suffered a loss to Nedlands in one of their first two rounds of the season so both will be keen so solidify their place in the competition with a win tonight.

After putting on an absolute bone-cruncher of a tackle last week Aaron Mcphee is now a player to be feared in the competition, Soaks will be sure not to through any hospital passes while Mcphee is lurking.

Impact player Paasi Fine has returned to the Associates' lineup, Fine made a huge impact in Soak’s premiership-winning season last year and will a player to look out for as he enters 2019.



Cottesloe v Curtin Uni, Harvey Field. Broome Street, Cottesloe. Kick off at 3:30 pm.

Cottesloe Rugby Club has gotten off to a flying start this season putting on two really big wins to start the season.

Now coming up against Curtin Uni the result to this game may seem predictable however as Curtin get more used to the competition hopefully Curtin can pull some supplies out on game day.

Number eight Charlie Mhizha has arguably been Curtins best player leading his team through a tough start to the season, with his hardball running he is devastating when he gets open.  





Kalamunda v Coastal Cavaliers, Hartfield Park. Morrison Road, Forrestfield. Kick off at 3:30 pm.

Heading out to Hartfield Park this weekend, the Kalamunda Bulls will be taking on the Coastal Cavaliers in a game that could go either way.

After having a rocky first season last year the Coastal Cavaliers have seen immense improvement in the first two rounds of 2019.

Coming into round three Coastal have a chance to really seal their place in this competition by beating Premier Grade runner ups Kalamunda.




Joondalup v Southern Lions, HBF Arena. Kennedya Drive, Joondalup. Kick off at 3:30 pm.

Southern Lions shook the competition last round with a win against Kalamunda now it's up to them to keep the ball rolling against a formidable Joondalup Brothers side.

After suffering a mere one-point loss to Wanneroo last weekend Joondalup will be keen to write the wrongs of a very hotly contested matchup.

Through this season and last inside centre James Wepener has been a dark horse in the competition scoring and setting up tries left right and centre.

As Wepener continues to light up the competition captain Sheldon Tarawa couldn't have a better man running on his outside shoulder.





Wests Scarborough v Nedlands, Bennett Park. Millcrest Street, Doubleview. Kick-off 3:30 pm.


Juggernauts Wests Scarborough and Nedlands go head to head in round three in a match that could set the stage for the rest of the competition.

After losing in round one to Cottesloe Wests Scarborough finally found redemption in round two beating ARKs rugby club by a considerable amount of points.

Now coming up against Nedlands Wests will need to through it all on the line to prove they are one of the top teams in the competition.

Halfback Angus Taylor has been in good form facilitating the ball to his all-star Wests backline he is looking to repeat his performance if Wests want to come away with another high score.



ARKs v Perth Bayswater, Harrisdale Field. Gracefield Boulevard, Harrisdale. Kick-off at 3:30 pm.

For the final match of the round it will be the might ARKs taking on the Perth Bayswater Numbats.

For ARKs they will have a revitalized squad boosted by the return of their captain Russel Burges, sliding in at openside flanker Burgess could be an absolute game changer for his team.

Joining him ARKs will receive a big Western Force name in Harrison Orr, Orr will start the match in the number eight position looking to dominate the match.

With these two extra changes ARKs walk into this game a very different team from round one.

As for Baysie they suffered a pretty tough loss to UWA last weekend they will be looking to up their defence if they want to hold of ARKs.

Captain Jacob Buist will be a key player in this match going in at blindside flanker he is more than a worthy opponent for ARKs captain Russel Burgess.


1. Levi Auvae, 2. Peter Nield, 3. Jamie Nixon, 4. Kahurangi Olsen-Butler, 5. Troy Laurent, 6. Anthony Russell, 7. Russell Burges, 8. Harrison Orr, 9. Ryan Black, 10. Saula Fifita, 11. Tommy Fiftia-Tovo, 12. Gershom Adams, 13. Kitone Nairube, 14. Ben Tata, 15. Sione Lomu


1. Nick Beacham, 2. Danny Griffiths, 3. Paasi Fine, 4. Zander Beacham, 5. Lachie Valentine, 6. Michael Hardwick, 7. Michael Killiner, 8. Dean Taylor-Menzines, 9. Nick Doherty, 10. Harry Webster, 11. Ryan Draver, 12. Tevita Sifa, 13. Jackson Gilbey, 14. Riki Wylie, 15. Hugh Norcross

Coastal Cavaliers

1. Paul Nu, 2. Isaac Coneley, 3. Russ Eagan, 4. Ricky van Der Heyden, 5. Jacob Townrow, 6. Sifa Likio, 7. Duncan Schutte, 8. Ashib Leota, 9. Josh Hanson, 10. Dudley Cortland, 11. Zebedee LeAroyd, 12. Matt Griffiths, 13. Luke Pethreic, 14. James Pethreic, 15. Bodie Ethredge


1. Darius Takurua, 2. Michael Walker (VC), 3. Lafaele Ikenasio, 4. Sasha Holloway, 5. Ben Grant. 6. Joshua Tuialii, 7. Simione Vuetiverata, 8. Ethan Cayless, 9. Rory Edwards, 10. Lex Kuster. 11, Adam Fuller, 12. Sean Martin ©, 13. Tamba Lebbie, 14. Enzo Peudepiece, 15. Scott Nichol

Curtin Uni

1. Thompson Cross, 2. Russell Keegan, 3. Quent Hay, 4. Lachlan Costello (VC), 5. Ben Williams, 6. Chris Rayner, 7. Adam Ansbro, 8. Charlie Mhizha, 9. Jared Deacon, 10. Liam Becker, 11. Joel Pickett, 12. Tim Bailey, 13. Robbie Fulton ©, 14. Daniel O’Leary, 15. Iestyn Coles


1. Victor Harris, 2. Liam Gourlie, 3. Issac Cavu, 4. Michael Cromie, 5. Matt De Beer, 6. Alex O’Dell, 7. Max Wood, 8. Patrick Tuialii, 9. Brendan Vorster, 10. Sheldon Tarawa, 11. Daniel Redmond, 12. James Wepener, 13. Jordan Zeitsmam, 14. Sam Long, 15. Tainne Finn

Kalamunda – TBC



1. Jonathon Tiueti, 2. Jack Byrne, 3. Joesph Simeon, 4. Mike Egan (C), 5. Cam Browne, 6. Rawiri Davis, 7. Shane Hemi, 8. Grayson Knapp, 9. Nate Roberts, 10. David Neilson, 11. Zach Makavilitogia, 12. Jackson Neilson, 13. Teegan Minkley, 14. Al Momoisea, 15. Kauri Cudd


1. Ethan Poi, 2. Connor Tunks, 3. Piersen Kenington, 4. Sam Coggins, 5. Kale Bissett, 6. Hendrik Dewet, 7. Jack Coffin, 8. Dylan Cunningham (Captain), 9. Hayden Whitmee-Lloyd, 10. Christian Bavadra, 11. Chris Miller, 12. Leighton Short (Vice Captain), 13. Marcus Arindell, 14. Tarzan Smith, 15. Trey Maloney

Perth Bayswater

1. Ollie Betts,   2. Ben Buist,  3. Max Veech, 4. Charlie Read,   5. Brandon Olow, 6. Jacob Buist (C),   7. Zac Branca, 8. Faamanu Kalolo, 9. Jackson Condren,   10 Tyrese Grey, 11. Jaylen Grey, 12. Keenan Meade, 13.  Ruawharo Rarere, 14. Carlos Flutey-Clarke, 15. Shane Parkinson

Southern Lions

1. Mosese Waqa, 2. Mike Tui, 3. Heamasi  Vaka Akauola, 4. Scott Turnbull, 5. Sam Toy 6. Melakhi Falaniko, 7. Matt Gibson, 8. Fergus Lee-Warner, 9. Kyle Fell, 10.Brad Fell (C), 11.Ben Carr, 12. Vereti Tupou, 13. Greg Jackson, 14. Masivesi Daquwaqa, 15. Joel Lamatoa


1. Su'e Liaga, 2. Harry Scoble (C), 3. Sione Atiola, 4. Jack Bromley, 5. John Perrott, 6. Conor Spence, 7. Ben Taylor, 8. Al Cockman, 9. Rory O'Sullivan, 10. Keano Van Dieman, 11. Nick Chadwick, 12. Nick Wolman, 13. Tasuka Miwa, 14. Iziah Anapu, 15. Aiden Higo


1. Andre Roux, 2. Scott Cornell, 3. Thomasi Vunivalu, 4. Elliot Ferriman, 5. Te Ate Walker, 6. Ollie Callan, 7. John Martin Stewart, 8. Ben Stimson, 9. Tane Koteka, 10. Ethan Riley, 11. Joe Bajjada, 12, Andrew King (c), 13. Grayson Makara, 14. Stephen Nolson, 15. Kris Palmer

Wests Scarborough

1. Nick Mclennan (C), 2. Jordan Grant, 3. Eukharis Simanu, 4. Josh Everett, 5. Matt O’Brien, 6. Issac Meo, 7. Jack Taylor, 8. Brody Macaskill, 9. Angus Taylor, 10.  Lochie Hardy, 11. Kalala Meni, 12. Louie David, 13. Nika Morehu, 14. Darren O’Donovan, 15. Steven Komene