Fortescue Premier Grade preview round two

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by Rugby WA Media

Fortescue Premier Grade live streamed fixture

Palmyra vs Nedlands, Tompkins Park. Canning Highway, Alfred Cove. Kick-off 3:30 pm.

We are heading south of the river for our second live streamed game of the season as Palmyra are set to take on Nedlands down at Tompkins park.

Coming off a convincing vicotry over Associates Rugby Club, Neddies will be looking to go one better adding Western Force names into their lineup with props Tom Sheminant and Heath Tessman sliding into a formidable forward pack as well Ccb hero Tevin Ferris coming back to the blue and gold rounding off an incredible starting XV.

As for Palmyra, they nearly got over the top of Premier Grade runner ups Kalamunda last weekend only falling off late in the second-half in what was a tightly contested match.

Coming into their first home game of the season getting the ball wide will serve this team well having two speedy wingers on hand in Chris Miller and Tarzan Smith.

As this young Palmyra outfit continues to improve, this match could go either way and it will be interesting to see how they deal with this highly experienced Nedlands XV.


Wests Scarborough vs ARKs, Bennett Park. Millcrest Street, Doubleview. Kick-off 3:30 pm.

After a loss against Cottesloe last week, Wests have rolled out a strong team to take on Arks at their home, Bennett Park also know as the 'Pig Pen'.

Whilst older brother Jack Hardy runs out for his first start with the Queensland Reds, Lochie Hardy will be pushing forward on the home-front also pulling on maroon and expecting to make his presence known on the field.

Boosted by the inclusion of Future Force players Nika Morehu and Brody Macaskill, Wests are hoping to come away with the win.


Associates vs Curtin Uni, Allen Park. Odern Crescent, Swanbourne. Kick off at 3:30 pm.

Coming off a heartbreaking loss to Nedlands in the first round Soaks will be looking for redemption running out onto the Boneyard for the first time this weekend.

After playing a stellar game for Soaks in reserve grade, center Tevita Sifa has moved up into starting lineup, his dynamic play with ball in hand could be dangerous against the inexperienced Curtin Uni defense.

Debuting in the Premier Grade was always going to be tough for the resilient Curtin Uni Goats however now that they have shaken off debut jitters it can only be onwards and upwards for the young team.

As they get used to the pace and aggression of WA's top competition the Goats will surly put on more of a fight against Associates and recover from their round one blowout.


Coastal Cavaliers vs Cottesloe, Lark Hill. Warnbro Sound Avenue, Port Kennedy. Kick off at 3:30 pm.

With an incredible win against Wests Scarborough in the bag this fit and fast Cottesloe side will now have to head down to Rockingham to take on the mighty Coastal Cavaliers.

Fly-half Charl Nieuwenhuis will be centre stage this weekend playing against his old team, now wearing the blue and purple for his home club the Cavs, Nieuwenhuis will be looking to repeat his performance from last week scoring one of the most impressive tries to start this season.

Cottesloe will want to just rinse and repeat this week putting on a flawless performance at the nest in round one.

Also a Mandurah native Ethan Cayless will be on show for the Gulls showing incredible skill at the breakdown it will be hard to get this young number seven off the ball.


Southern Lions vs Kalamunda, Success Sportsplex. Hammond Road Sth, Success. Kick-off 3:30 pm.

Both these clubs come into this game with close victories from round one, now it is time to go one better diving into round two.

Kalamunda have proved last weekend that they have a lot to look forward to playing five colts last weekend however it won't be such a walk in the park against a vastly different Southern Lions squad.

For the Southern Lions sticking to a free flowing fast moving Rapid Rugby style of play would serve them well looking to impress the crowd against the bulls.


Wanneroo vs Joondalup, Kingsway Reserve. Spectator Drive, Madeley. Kick off at 3:30 pm.

This year the king of the north will be decided early as Joondalup will head to the fortress that his Kingsway Reserve to take on Championship Division winners Wanneroo.

Coming away from a more than confident win over Curtin Uni, Joondalup will be fired up to take on their northern rivals.

Future Force star Liam Fletcher will be one to look out for slotting in at the Number Eight position his leadership around the field just may be the factor the brothers need to get over this Wanneroo side.

As club legend Andrew King leads his team out for yet another year in the Premier Grade a win over Joondalup will be high up on his to do list to start the season.

Even though Force legends Andrew Deegan and Rod Davis will be sitting out of this match up a surprise inclusion from New Zealand lock Leon Power could be on the cards for Wanneroo, the experience Power brings would be invaluable for this squad.


Perth Bayswater vs UWA,  Pat O’Hara Reserve. Wellington Road, Morley. Kick off at 3:30 pm.

In what could shape up to be a close game, UWA comes into this match on the back of a win against Coastal Cavaliers last week.

The guidance of former Force player Harry Scoble will be crucial in directing the scrum around Perth Bayswaters forward line up.

A possible strategic move, UWA also hold the wild card of new Force recruit Carlo Tizzano under their belt, electing to not play him in their starting XV.

Perth Bayswater will be looking to prove themselves as strong contenders this game after a loss against Southern Lions last week. Captain Jacob Buist will need to lead his team with confidence to combat this UWA side.






1.Nick Beacham 2. Danny Griffiths 3. Michael D'Adamo 4. Zander Beacham 5. Lucas Beacham      6. Shay Lagan 7. Michael Killiner 8. Michael Hardwick 9. Nick Doherty 10. Ross Palframan 11. Ryan Draver 12. Tevita Sifa 13. Jackson Gilbey 14. Riki Wylie 15. Hugh Norcross

Coastal Cavaliers – TBC


1.Ivan Fepule'ai, 2. Gafa Su'a (C), 3. Lafaele Ikenasio, 4. Sasha Holloway, 5. Simione Vuetiverata, 6. Joshua Tuialii, 7. Ethan Cayless, 8. Tobias Hoskins, 9. Timothy Parks (VC), 10. Benjamin Meredith, 11. Netinili Fielea, 12. Sean Martin, 13. Tamba Lebbie, 14. Zubayr Abrahams, 15. Mayson Hill

Curtin Uni

   1. Thompson Cross, 2. Elliot Daniel, 3. Quent Hay, 4. Lachlan Costello (VC), 5. Ben Williams, 6. Chris Rayner, 7. Adam Ansbro, 8. Charlie Mhizha, 9. Jared Deacon, 10. Liam Becker, 11. Joel Pickett, 12. Liam Gulliver, 13. Robbie Fulton (C), 14. Dan O’Leary, 15. Ilestyn Coles


1. Matt De Beer, 2. Ryan King, 3. Issac Cavu, 4. Tommy Howard, 5. Michael Cromie, 6. Patrick Tuialii, 7. Alex O’Dell, 8. Liam Fletcher, 9. Vorster, 10. Sheldon Tarawa Jordan, 11. Zeitsman, 12. James Wepender, 13. Justin Zeitsman, 14. Daniel Redmond, 15. Tainne Finn,

Kalamunda - TBC


1.Joseph Simeon, 2. Jack Byrne, 3. Tom Sheminant, 4. Cameron Browne, 5. Grayson Knapp (c), 6. Rawiri Davis, 7. Shane Hemi, 8. Tevin Ferris, 9. Hershelle Classen 10. David Neilson, 11. Liam van der Westhuizen, 12. Jackson Neilson, 13.Maia King, 14. Christoff Cronje, 15. Kauri Cudd


1.Ethan Poi, 2. Sioeli Vaituulala, 3. Piersen Kenington, 4. Sam Coggins, 5. Hendrik Dewet, 6. Aaron McPhee, 7. Jack Coffin, 8. Dylan Cunningham, 9. Michael McDonald, 10. Christian Bavadra, 11. Chris Miller, 12. Leighton Short, 13. Marcus Arindell, 14. Tarzan Smith, 15. Trey Maloney

Perth Bayswater 

1.Aden Kambouris,   2. Tyron Kambouris,   3. Max Veech, 4. Charlie Read,   5. Brandon Olow, 6. Nacanieli Tavaga,   7. Zac Branca, 8. Jacob Buist (C), 9. Jackson Condren,   10. Keenan Meade, 11. Ruawharo Rarere, 12. Kolia Konelio,   13. Faamanu Kalolo, 14. James Lambert, 15. Carlos Flutey-Clarke

Southern Lions 

1.Mosese Waqa / Semisi Qalova, 2. Mike Tui, 3. Heamasi  Vaka Akauola, 4. Scott Turnbull, 5. Sam Toy, 6. Melakhi Falaniko, 7. Matt Gibson, 8. Jordon Shelford, 9. Kyle Fell, 10. Brad Fell (C), 11. Joe Ratusoqosoqo, 12. Jacob Foster-Hall, 13. Greg Jackson, 14. Joel Lamatoa, 15. Vereti Tupou


1 Su'e Liaga, 2. Harry Scoble  (C), 3. Will Siebert, 4. Jack Bromley, 5. John Perrott, 6. Connor Spence, 7. Ben Taylor, 8. Al Cockman, 9. Rory O'Sullivan, 10. Keano Van Dieman, 11. Nick Chadwick, 12. Dylan Fletcher, 13. Dylan Van Dieman, 14. Nick Wolman, 15. Aiden Higo

Wanneroo - TBC

Wests Scarborough 

1.Nick Mclennan (C), 2. Jordan Grant, 3. Eukharis Simanu, 4. Josh Everett, 5. Matt O’Brien, 6. Issac Meo, 7. Jack Taylor, 8. Brody Macaskill, 9. Angus Taylor, 10. Lochie Hardy, 11.  Kalala Meni, 12. Louie David, 13.Nika Morehu, 14. Josh Tinomana, 15. Steven Komene