RugbyWA 2024 Finals
Grand Final Host

The RugbyWA 2024 Grand Final will be hosted at Kalamunda Districts Rugby Union Club.

The Grand Final will kick off on September 7, 2024.

2024 Finals Structure
Fortescue Men's Premier Grade
Men's Premier

Men's Premier Grade - Promotion Match

How does the Promotion Match work?

As part of the Conference structure, the team positioned at the bottom of Conference A's ladder will automatically move from Conference A to Conference B for the 2025 season. The winner of Quarter Final 2 - the top two teams from Conference B - will then enter Conference A for the 2025 season.

Tam 5's position in Conference A is also up for grabs. The loser of Quarter Final 2 will enter the Promotion Match, where they will compete with Team 5 for their position in Conference A. If Team 5 wins this match, they remain in Conference A for 2025. If the loser of QF2 wins the Promotion Match, they will enter Conference A, and Team 5 will enter Conference B for 2025.

Championship Grade
Championship Grade

Reserve & Third Grade
Reserves, Thirds

Fortescue Women's Premier Grade, Fourth Grade, Belt Up Colts & Men's Community Grade
Women's, Colts, Fourth Grade & Community