Champions of Rugby - RugbyWA x Healthway

Welcome to the "Champions of the Rugby" competition!

This exciting initiative is designed to recognise and reward rugby clubs for their outstanding contributions to the sport. We’re celebrating excellence in the creation of positive, inclusive environments by promoting responsible alcohol consumption and alcohol-free initiatives. By championing these environments, clubs are creating spaces which are safe and fiercely inclusive for all, ultimately enhancing player and member wellbeing. 

The winning club will receive a $5000 prize to be used for approved projects or goods that support inclusion, wellbeing and health.  



Participating in the "Champions of the Rugby" campaign is simple. Follow these easy steps to submit your club’s entry: 

  • Document Your Initiatives: Clubs must gather and document evidence of delivering the Strategy and Actions outlined below throughout the 2024 rugby season. 
  • Submit their Initiatives: Clubs need to submit prove of their initiatives to RugbyWA twice a year and provide evidence of performing the initiatives against each Action.  
  • Type of Evidence: Accepted evidence includes photographs, email correspondences, social media screenshots, attendance records, training certificates, physical and electronic documents, video recordings, letters of support, surveys, testimonials, and policy documents. 
  • Submission Deadlines: All entries must be submitted to RugbyWA by 19 August. Submissions should be made twice a year at designated intervals. First interval: By 22nd July 2024 Final Submissions: 19th August 2024. Winner will be announced on 4 September 2024. 



Clubs will be awarded points based on the evidence of their initiatives. The club with the highest total points across all strategies will be crowned the Champion of Rugby! 


To see the weighting and points of each action, click here.

Communication (20%)

  • Display "Alcohol Think Again" posters
  • Provide a local support service directory and link to national support services for those reconsidering their current alcohol consumption level.
  • Include QR Codes to the "Alcohol Think Again" website in club communication.
  • Promotion of "Alcohol Think Again" campaigns.
  • Emphasise in messaging that promoting alcohol-free choices and spaces fosters an inclusive culture within the Club.

Education (25%)

  • Club engages in alcohol responsibility education sessions with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.
  • Identify an 'Alcohol Responsibility Coordinator' to fulfill roles and responsibilities.

Environment (30%)

  • Clubs work with Healthway and GoodSports platform to facilitate the development of an 'Alcohol Responsibility Action Plan'.
  • Club engages members in RSA training or evidence provided of members who have an up-to-date RSA certificate.
  • Clubs become an active member of the GoodSports program (evidence of recent engagement must be provided).
  • Establish alcohol-free zones within the club premises.
  • Club provides evidence of hosting inclusive, family-friendly events in which alcohol does not feature prominently.
  • Implement strict alcohol policy which cover the above points.

Relationships (25%)

  • Develop partnership with local community group/service provider to facilitate mental health and wellbeing, or alcohol and drug prevention outcomes or program delivery.
  • Evidence of partnership with local organisations promoting inclusive culture and alcohol-free initiatives.
  • Role modelling good behaviour from club leadership, management, and coaching staff by actively promoting and participating in alcohol-free events and initiatives.

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To view the terms and conditions for the Champions of Rugby initiative, click here.


Celebrate rugby by fostering a healthier, more inclusive environment and amplifying your community impact.  

Together, we can create a positive impact on and off the field!  

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