Women in Rugby Round 2024: Cottesloe's Langley Sesega

Fri, Jun 28, 2024, 6:00 AM
by RugbyWA Media

Langley Sesega is set to play a monumental 70th cap this weekend for Cottesloe Shegulls. 

The captain of the Fortescue Women’s Premier Grade side, Sesega is a powerhouse in her own right. From debuting for the Western Force in 2020 to winning gold for Australia at the Commonwealth Youth Games, the fullback is nothing short of iconic. 


Langley began her journey with rugby during her school years, coached by Western Force Assistant Coach, Dwayne Grace in the school’s rugby 7’s program. It wasn’t long before she moved to the state level, where she was coached by RugbyWA’s General Manager – Rugby, Dane Lazarus, before she was called up to play for the Australian Youth 7’s team. 

“Coming off the back of that [playing for Australia] there wasn’t much 7’s in WA,” Langley shared.  

With less opportunities to play 7’s, she sought out to transition to 15’s. 

“I found my club at Cottesloe," she said, “... which landed me a few caps with Western Force.” 

“That’s where I have been ever since.”  


A key player within the Shegulls, it’s clear she is a well-respected member of the club. Now having been a Shegull for a number of years, she’s set to tackle her next challenge – taking on her 70th Cap. 

Heading into the Cap, this Saturday against West Scarborough Warriors, Sesega says she’s feeling mixed emotions. 

“I’m feeling extremely grateful for friends, family & the club for getting me to this point and supporting me along the way.” 

When asked about her proudest moment in her time playing for Cottesloe, she recalls the team’s finals victory in 2021 – her first Grand Final win as a Captain.  

“It was a hard game and I’ll always remember how my teammates physically carried me through it.” 

She went on to lead her team to back-to-back Grand Final victories the following year. 


As a huge player in the women’s rugby community, Sesega shares that she feels empowered to be involved in the sport.  

“It’s rewarding to realise what your body can be put through and can achieve a lot more than what you think.” 

“I love the look on people’s faces too, when you mention what sport you play.” 


It’s a lifestyle which she would feel lost without, not just due to the friends she’s made through the sport, but also the purpose it’s given her life. 

“It’s very much given me a purpose,” she said.  

“I’ve always said I played rugby to not be a waste of talent, and that was something that was spoken of highly in my household. “ 

“My dad was huge on not sitting inside on the couch playing video games and watching tv, so this has always been the alternative.” 

It’s this reason, too, why she believes more women should get involved in rugby. 

“Socially it’s great,” Langley shared. “Mentally all I look forward to in getting down to training to see my friends. It’s a great ending to your day, where you can just forget about everything else and play.”  

A place for everyone, Sesega shared the concept of a sport for all opens doors and gives everyone an opportunity to get involved in the community. 

“Rugby has an amazing culture to it.” 

“It’s a lifestyle with so many opportunities involved. It caters to everyone - if you're there for the social aspect or want to take it further.” 

“I’ll always be forever grateful for rugby and where it’s taken me,” she shared, “... and of course, how it’s made and shaped me as a person.” 


A fearless leader, Sesega has been an instrumental part of the Cottesloe Shegulls over the past few years. Her commitment and drive, and her passion for her team, Sesega is a well-regarded, incredibly beloved member of the rugby community. 

A leader both on and off the field, Sesega consistently champions the spirit of rugby. She is truly the pinnacle of what it means to be a woman in rugby. 


Women in Rugby Round kicks off this Saturday, with all Senior Women's and Junior Girls teams playing at Tompkins Park. Sesega’s 70th Cap will be played against Wests Scarborough at 2:00PM on Field 1. 

Best of luck to Langley for her incredible Cottesloe Shegulls Cap!