Fortescue Premier Grade Preview - Round 5

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Fortescue Premier Grade live streamed fixture

Joondalup vs Perth Bayswater, HBF Arena. Kennedya Drive, Joondalup. Kick off at 3:30 pm.


Our livestream game is heading north this weekend up to HBF stadium as Joondalup take on Perth Bayswater.

After scraping away with a slight victory over the Coastal Cavaliers last weekend, Joondalup will now have to step up again after losing key playmaker and captain Sheldon Tarawa to the Asia Pacific Dragons as he suits up to play for the Western Force this Sunday in Singapore.

As for the ‘Numbats’ they came off a convincing loss to Wanneroo last weekend not playing their usual style of footy.

Hooker Ben Buist came away with a try in the first half attempting to keep his team alive, this week the squad will be looking to hold their form for a full 80 minutes if they want to get over Joondalup.


Curtin Uni vs Nedlands, Edinburgh Oval. Dumas Road, Bentley. Kick off at 3:30 pm.


Curtin Uni are back at Goatland this weekend as they play host to the formidable Nedlands Rugby Club.

The Goats have been improving their game week after week, tightening up their defense and picking up some points along the way.

Austin Rangitoto Maugatai was the sole try scorer in their game last weekend, the inside center has been a rock for his team as they start to get used to Premier Grade rugby.

Nedlands last weekend were unstoppable scoring 54 points in an action packed match against ARKs rugby club

Kauri Cudd was unstoppable in last weekend’s match adding two additional tries to his points tally, however ‘Neddies’ will have to live without their dynamic fullback this weekend as replacement Dylan Loversidge steps up to the plate to take his place.


ARKs vs UWA, Harrisdale Field. Gracefield Boulevard, Harrisdale. Kick-off at 3:30 pm.


Undefeated UWA are looking confident as they travel out to Harrisdale this weekend to face ARKs rugby club.

In their win over the Southern Lions they had a number of key players, the O’Sullivan brothers have been putting on a show lately as older brother Rory got his chance to lead this UWA squad earning a captaincy position in their last game aswell as younger brother Conner has been proving he is one of the brightest young flankers in the Fortescue Premier Grade competition.

ARKs came off a tough matchup against Nedlands last weekend losing by 33 points, Hamish Buick was dead-on with the boot nailing three from three conversions to give his team a total of 21 points for the weekend.

ARKs may have the perfect opportunity to deliver UWA’s first loss this Saturday if they can take advantage of the home ground advantage down at Harrisdale.


Palmyra vs Wests Scarborough, Tompkins Park. Canning Highway, Alfred Cove. Kick-off 3:30 pm.


Two of the bigger round four victors will face off this weekend down at Tompkins Parks with heavy weights Palmyra and Wests Scarborough face off in a match not to be missed.

After a coming away with a big upset win against top team Cottesloe last weekend, Palmyra have fought their way back to be considered one of the best teams in the competition.

Halfback Hayden Whitmee-Smith was absolutely devastating with his scoot around the ruck finding the smallest amount of space and managing to turn it into points, backing up his big performance with the ball in hand was his laser accuracy with the boot nailing two from three conversions as well as one penalty.

With usual starting halfback Michael McDonald off captaining the Junior Wallabies, Palmyra couldn’t have asked for a better replacement than the young Whitmee-Smith.

Even though Palmyra were able to topple juggernauts Cottesloe last weekend overcoming Wests Scarborough may even be a bigger task.

Defeating defending champions Associates last weekend ‘The Boars’ are starting to come together under head coach Dylan Parsons filling out a young backline Winiata Cherrington has been electric for his team scoring tries left, right and center for the boys in maroon.


Cottesloe vs Southern Lions, Harvey Field. Broome Street, Cottesloe. Kick off at 3:30 pm.


After a devastating loss to Palmyra over the weekend Cottesloe have re-grouped and are ready to take on Southern Lions back at the picturesque Harvey Field.

Gafatasi Su’a was a key performer last weekend, the number two will have to step up again this week as he will captain the squad hoping to lead his team to redemption back at home.

Second-rower Levi Fargnoli will debut at number five for the Gulls premier grade team, his strength and physicality has proven dividends for the reserve grade side in the first four rounds but now Fargnoli proven that he really belongs up playing Premier Grade rugby.

Up until last weekend the Southern Lions were looking unstoppable in the competition.

It seems the absence of Western Force winger Masivesi Dakuwaqa has taken a slight effect one this Southern Lions team as they went down to last weekend to the young and dynamic UWA squad.

Joel Lamatoa has been the major point scorer for the Lions picking himself up a try and a three conversions last weekend, if he can keep up his form Lamatoa could well be an early contender for point top scorer in the competition.


Kalamunda vs Wanneroo, Hartfield Park. Morrison Road, Forrestfield. Kick off at 3:30 pm.


Out at Hartfield Park this weekend will be one of the more hotly contested matchups in the Premier Grade as the ‘Roo Dogs’ will enter the Bull Pen to take on Kalamunda.

Also undefeated in the competition Kalamunda have been absolutely dominating their competition to start the year, with the team scoring a total of 117 points in their last two round the Bulls seem to be thriving when they have the ball in hand.

As for Wanneroo they have come off an extremely convincing victory over Perth Bayswater last weekend and now up against Kalamunda they have a chance to show the competition that they are truly one of the top teams.

Senior Academy player Grason Makara continues to be one of the club’s top players sliding in at Outside Centre Makara has an uncanny ability to break the line this year finding points for both himself and his teammates.

These too clubs have a long history with some cracking matchups against each other in the past, with this being anyone’s match on the weekend it’s certainly one not to miss.

Associates vs Coastal Cavaliers, Allen Park. Odern Crescent, Swanbourne. Kick off at 3:30 pm.


The final match in the Premier Grade for round five will be out at the Boneyard as the Coastal Cavaliers come up to Swanbourne to face Associates.

Last weekend’s match against Joondalup was a cracker for the Cavaliers just missing out on the win with a kick after the siren sadly hitting the post.

The kick was struck my ex Cottesloe Seagull Charl Nieuwenhuis who has been playing outstanding for the Cavs this year, when paired up with the backline of James Petherick and Terangiamoa Rapatini Associates will have to be on their toes if they want to stop this team breaking through the line.

With only one try from Captain Dean Taylor-Menzies against Wests, Associates will want to get more points on the board this week at home.

Young fly-half Harry Webster is now well in tune with Premier Grade now entering his second year in the competition.

Nailing three penalties last weekend, Webster’s skill with the boot gives Soaks the opportunity to play a long test match style game, keeping it in close and forcing penalties.

If Webster continues to kick like he is currently, Associates can be confident that this style will pay off this Saturday.



Starting XVs





1. Nick Beacham, 2. Danny Griffiths, 19. Michael D'Adamo, 4. Lachie Valentine, 5. Zander Beacham, 6. Michael Hardwick, 7. Michael Killiner, 8. Dean Taylor-Menzies, 9. Nick Doherty, 10. Harry Webster, 11. Facundo Aguirre, 12. Tevita Sifa, 13. Jackson Gilby, 14. Ross Palframan, 15. Robbie Ingram

Coastal Cavaliers

1. Chey John Hatu, 2.  Jeff Ward, 3.  Paulo Nu'u, 4.  Gerard de Klerk, 5.  James Gardner, 6.  Ashib Leota, 7.  Solomone Likio, 8.  Raymond Swarts, 9.  Zac Nicolson, 10. Charl Niewenhuis, 11. Anton Paul, 12. Terangiamoa Rapatini, 13. James Petherick, 14. Blayke Taiwati, 15. Brandon Steele



1. Darius Takurua, 2. Gafa Su'a (C), 3. Lafaele Ikenasio, 4. Sasha Holloway, 5. Levi Fargnoli, 6. Zane Herrick, 7. Simione Vuetiverata, 8. Jordie Bungard, 9. Tim Parks, 10. Benjamin Meredith, 11. Scott Nichol, 12. Netinili Fielea, 13. James Blackburn, 14. Mayson Hill, 15. Jason Badenhorst


Curtin Uni

1.Quent Hay, 2. Nathan Hewett, 3. Elliot Daniel, 4. Oliver Kung, 5. Lachlan Costello (VC),  6. Chris Rayner, 7. Adam Ansbro, 8. Sean Hollywood, 9. Russel Keegan, 10. Jared Deacon, 11. Daniel O’Leary, 12. Andrew Lightbody, 13. Tim Bailey, 14. Robbie Fulton (C), 15. Liam Becker



1. Victor Harris, 2. Issac Cavu, 3. Matt De Beer, 4. Cam Ross, 5. Michael Cromie, 6. Patrick Tuialii, 7. Alex O'dell, 8. Liam Fletcher, 9. Brendan Vorster, 10. Liam Harrington, 14. Jordan Zeitsmam, 12. James Wepener, 13. Justin Zeitsman, 21. Sam Long, 15. Daniel Redmond


Kalamunda – TBC



1. Joseph Simeon, 2. Jack Byrne, 3. Damo Pacceca, 4. Cam Browne, 5. Tui Roberts, 6. Rawiri Davis, 7. David Bailey, 8. Grayson Knapp (c), 9. Callum Thomas, 10. David Neilson, 11. Liam van der Westhuizen, 12. Zach Makavilitogia, 13. Al Momoisea, 14. Maia King, 15. Dylan Loversidge



1.Ethan Poi, 2. Sioeli Vaituulala, 3. Piersen Kenington, 4. Andrew Sanders, 5. Kale Bissett, 6. Aaron McPhee, 7. Max Bailey, 8. Dylan Cunningham, 9. Zac Richardson, 10. Leighton Short, 11. Chris Miller, 12. Tom foster, 13. Marcus Arindell, 14. Tarzan Smith, 15. Trey Maloney


Perth Bayswater

1. Max Veech, 2.Ben Buist, 3. Oliver Betts, 4. Charlie Reid, 5. Sam Thornley, 6. Jacob Buist (c), 7. Owen Milburn , 8. Faamanu Kalolo, 9. Keenan Meade, 10. Tyrese Grey, 11. Jaylen Grey, 12. Konelio Kolia, 13. Walker Smith, 14. Carlos Flutely-Clarke, 15. Shane Parkinson


Southern Lions

1.Mosese Waqa, 2. Mike Tui, 3. Heamasi Vaka Akauola, 4. Scott Turnbull, 5. Sam Toy, 6. Melakhi Falaniko, 7. Nemani Tuitubou, 8. Jordon Shelford, 9. Kyle Fell, 10. Brad Fell (C) 11. Petero Taitusi, 12. Vereti Tupou, 13. Greg Jackson, 14. Joel Lamatoa, 15. Jacob Foster-Hall



1. Paea Fonoifua, 2. Harry Scoble  (C), 3. Sione Atiola, 4. Jack Bromley, 5. John Perrott, 6. Connor Spence, 7. Connor O'Sullivan, 8. Al Cockman, 9. Rory O'Sullivan, 10. Keano Van Dieman, 11. Nick Chadwick, 12. Dylan Fletcher, 13. Dylan Van Dieman, 14. Nick Wolman 15. Rommy Masi



1. Andre Roux, 2. Scott Cornell, 3. Maui Te Tana, 4. Elliot Ferriman, 5. Brad Campbell, 6. Ollie Callan, 7. John Martin Stewart, 8. Mark Cornell, 9. Corey Tearoa, 10. Ethan Riley, 11. Joe Bajjada, 12. Andrew King (captain), 13. Grayson Makara, 14. Stephen Nolson, 15. Kris Palmer


Wests Scarborough

1. Nick Mclennan (C), 2. Dylan Hutchins, 3. Matt Theobold, 4. Liam Clews, 5. Malai,6. Issac Meo, 7. Liam Fitts, 8. Brody Macaskill, 9. Angus Taylor, 10. Michael Marshall, 11. Cody Coe-Baker, 12. Kalala Meni, 13. Nika Morehu, 14. Darren O’Donovan, 15. Winiata Cherrington