Australian Rugby Foundation Fundraising Toolkit
The ultimate fundraising toolkit for your Rugby Club.

For the first time in Australian Rugby, all clubs across the state will have access to the same fundraising toolkit thanks to the Australian Rugby Foundation (ARF) and the Australian Sports Foundation.

The new toolkit outlines tips, strategies and ideas to help you generate the most successful fundraising campaign.

WA Rugby Fundraiser

Why fundraise through the Australian Sports Foundation?

Once your club/organisation has signed up with the Sports Foundation, you’ll get your very own fundraising page that is easily accessible and can be shared online or via social media - a great way to share your fundraising story and ask for donations from your followers!

All the donations received through your fundraising campaign will be transferred to you monthly, plus you’ll have direct access to Sports Foundation fundraising resources, advice from a Sports Partnership Manager and access to an online portal, 24/7, where you can manage your page and the donations received.

Most importantly, donations made to a fundraising project registered with the Sports Foundation are tax-deductible for the donor which makes donating even more attractive and can separate your fundraising campaign from others.

What can you fundraise for?

  • Developing junior development pathways
  • Rugby as a vehicle for social change
  • Participation programs
  • Community programs
  • Future funds
  • Team travel
  • Purchasing or upgrading equipment
  • Coaching and support staff costs
  • Developing and upgrading facilities

To learn more, or to build your own fundraising strategy, access the toolkit below!

For further fundraising tips, visit Australian Rugby Foundation.