RugbyWA Strategic Plan
To inspire community connection, drive passionate involvement and unite Western Australians on and off the field.

This plan provides a strategic framework for the development of Rugby in Western Australia 2024 - 2032.

Our Ambition

By 2032 Western Australia will be a globally recognised rugby identity. We will enjoy vibrant and growing rugby participation, as local, national and international participants embrace our comprehensive and inclusive programs. Dreams will be realised playing at Western Australia’s purpose-built home of rugby. Our pathway and performance programs will be the benchmark of international standards. Our representative teams will see sustained competitive success. Through robust and committed relationships with our stakeholders, the union is thriving and able to provide the rugby community with game changing grassroots support.

Our Values
Teamwork Always Stronger Together

We truly care and selflessly support our teammates and the Rugby community. We proactively engage others to understand their perspectives. We share responsibility for our overall performance. We have each other’s backs. We take ownership, when we say it, we do it.

Excellence Achieving the Outstanding

We tenaciously explore how we can be better. We set high expectations and standards for ourselves and for Rugby in Western Australia. We think big, innovate and act with conviction. We confidently pursue our ambitions. We lead with purpose and by example.

Respect Exemplifying Dignity and Professionalism

We respect others, unfailingly. We treat others the way we wish to be treated. We are authentic and transparent in all that we do. We champion inclusion & diversity. We actively collaborate and listen.

Strategic Goals
One Rugby

All elements of our sport working harmoniously and effectively together in the promotion of the game and the sport.

Golden Decade for the Sport

Maximising opportunities for growth of the sport, with a focus on legacy, participation and the establishment of a home of rugby in Western Australia.

RugbyWA Strategic Plan UPDATED