Rugby is a game all about teamwork and support. To go forward, you must go backwards. Rugby highlights the importance of teamwork. In order for players to win, they have to trust in their team. This is a lesson that all teams show as they play.

Rugby is the ultimate sport for embracing diversity in shapes and sizes. Unlike some sports that favor specific body types, rugby celebrates the uniqueness of every player.

From agile speedsters to powerhouse giants, each physique finds a place on the field. The game's inclusive nature promotes a sense of belonging, proving that strength comes in various forms. Whether you're compact and nimble or robust and towering, rugby is a game for all, fiercely inclusive, With programs designed for boys, girls and all abilities of a variety of ages.

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Programs are available for both clubs and schools.

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Junior Force

Using fun and engaging games to develop an understanding of the skills required to succeed in rugby, our introductory program aims to introduce schools to our brilliant sport and community.

Get into rugby

Get into Rugby offers the perfect program to grasp the fundamentals of the sport, all while building friendships and enjoying a good time in a secure and inclusive environment.


Get your schools and students playing tri-tag suited to both intra-school or against other schools, allowing your students to maximise the skills learnt from the "GET INTO RUGBY” program! Launching for clubs in October 2024.

WF Cup

The UWA Western Force Cup is a Western Australian public school rugby competition that will see 15 schools across perth compete and grow the game of rugby, thanks to the generous support of Dr Andrew Forrest AO and Nicola Forrest AO.

Gala Days

Gala days are an opportunity for all schools to compete at a high-level in either Touch 7s or contact rugby based on each individual schools preference. RugbyWA Development Officers will be able to up-skill students and teachers in both formats of the game prior to competition each term. Enquire with our team for more information.


Rugby became a PSA Sport in 1961, and in 1963 the Rugby cup was renamed the Brother Redmond Cup, in honour of Brother M F Redmond, who was an influential teacher and sports master at Aquinas College over a span of 45 years.