RugbyWA revises 2019 finals structure ahead of the division split

· WA Premier
by Rugby WA Media

After a review of the 2018 season RugbyWA have revised their finals structure giving more Premier Grade teams a chance to play finals rugby.

This season teams that play well and land within the Premiership Division will be guaranteed a spot to play finals rugby with places five and six on the ladder automatically qualifying for the Championship Division semi-finals.

Premiership Division finals will be much the same with first place taking on fourth and second place taking on third.

In the Championship Division semi-finals fifth place from the Premiership Division will take on Championship Division’s second place leaving sixth place to take on the number one championship side.

Mirroring last season 60% of teams will still be able to play finals rugby in all Senior Grades, however teams that have better performed the whole way through the season will now be rewarded for their efforts.

After round 13 the Premier Grade will split into it’s two respective division each having its own competition table.

The lower grades will again follow their Premier Grade side playing against the same opposing clubs.

The new system allows the final third of the season to be a lot more competitive with lower teams still able to make finals with eight table positions up for grabs.


Coming into the last round of the Premier Grade this weekend four games will have a huge impact on the layout of the back end of the season.

Sitting in fifth spot Wanneroo will need either Associates or Palmyra to lose their game this weekend, while hoping to beat Cottesloe.

If Associates and Palmyra come away with a win Wanneroo will miss out on a Premiership division place.

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