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International Player Clearances within Rugby Union are governed by World Rugby Regulation 4.

The International Player Clearances Policy within Rugby is held under Regulation 4.6.1 which provides:

A Player leaving their current Union to play in another Union shall not be registered or eligible to participate in competitions organised, recognised or sanctioned by that new Union until they have an endorsed International Clearance.

International Player Clearance (From Australia to Another Union)

Therefore, Players wishing to play within another International Union must obtain clearance from:

  • The Club they are currently registered with;
  • The corresponding State Union; and
  • Rugby Australia.

Clearance should be obtained prior to departure from the player's current Union and can take up to 10 days for the process to be completed.

All players applying for an international clearance are required to complete the Rugby Australia International Clearance From below.

There are 3 types of clearances that need to be considered.

  • From Rugby AU to Overseas – Non-contracted player.
  • From Rugby AU to Overseas – Contracted player.
  • From Overseas to Rugby AU.

The Player will need the email address of the Secretary or President of the Club they are currently registered with to complete this form.

Once the Club has signed/completed the declaration confirming that the applicant is a registered player and is not serving any form of suspension the form must be forwarded to the State/Territory Union for signing.

The completed and signed Application for Clearance is then forwarded to Rugby AU for endorsement.

Once checked and endorsed Rugby AU will forward this on to the new Union.

Please note that any applications received by Rugby AU which have not been correctly completed and/or signed will not be endorsed and will be returned to the applicant.

Click here to download the form.

1. Name of Player:

2. Name of Union, Rugby Body or Club with which the Player is Registered currently

3. Name of Union for which the Player is eligible to play in International Matches (eg National Union)

4. Highest level at which the Player has played whilst Registered in Current Union

e.g. International/ Representative (state level), Club or other Rugby playing organisations (state level)

5. Union within which the Player proposed to Register and play ("New Union")

6. If the Player is a Contract Player, the date on which his/her written agreement within his/her Current Union came/will come to an end

(A copy of the Player’s current / most recent contract must be attached to this Clearance).

7. In the preceding 12 months the Contract Player has obtained the following period of rest

[] weeks and [] days – rest from any Match(es) and/or team training.
[] weeks and [] days – rest from any Match participation (excluding periods of injury).

8. The date of the Contract Player’s last Match was