RugbyWA Dispensation Summary 2022

Due to the significant time and cost of the dispensation process in 2021, RugbyWA have had to adapt the process for the 2022 season. The process has been designed in consultation with Rugby Australia to ensure the intention of the dispensation policy is correctly enacted. Dispensation is for safety only and will not be used to fill team numbers. Players will be assessed on their capability to safely participate in their age grade. Height and weight are considerations in this assessment but not grounds for automatic dispensation up or down.

RugbyWA (RWA) intention for the dispensation process in 2022 is for clubs to have more responsibility and input in the Junior and Senior RWA and community competitions.

Prior to the commencement of the 2022 Junior Competition RWA will hold three dispensation days over three weeks in each zone of North, Central and South for all assessments. Non-mandatory assessments will require nominations for these directly from club DoR or president before attending. (RWA will NOT discuss individual cases directly with Players or Parents)

Following the scheduled dispensation days, non-mandatory assessments may include a monitory fee to the club requesting the assessment. Additionally, assessment opportunities will be extremely limited after this preseason window and zone opportunities provided. This may result in players not being able to play games until assessment by RugbyWA is available.

Please ensure that you read and follow:

  1. Read – all the information below that applies to your situation (ask your Club Representative for assistance)
  2. Parent to complete the Age Grade Dispensation Form or relevant Consent form (as below)
  3. Parent to email Club & speak with the Club’s DoR/Rresident who will complete a Club Dispensation Nomination Form
  4. Application assessed by club and submitted to RWA.
  5. Player is assessed at Clinic by Independent Qualified Assessors
  6. Decision is made considering players ability to play in their actual age based on their development
  7. Club is notified of outcome and communicate with applicant or their parents.

Dispensation Documents

To access the RugbyWA 2022 Club Dispensation Nomination document click here

To access the RugbyWA Dispensation Nomination document click here

To access the RugbyWA 2022 Junior Safety Concern Report document click here

2022 Dispensation Days

North Zone – Joondalup Rugby Club, 13th April

Central Zone – RugbyWA , 20th April

Southern Zone - Southern Lions Rugby Club, 27th April

RugbyWA – Rugby WA HQ (Floreat),11th May


Player Dispensations – Extract from Rugby Australia Website

Age Grade Dispensation

The starting policy position is that a player may play in the age group he/she is turning in the calendar year and in the age group one year above. Size for age guidelines and the procedure allow player to play in the most suitable competition. For more information, click here.

U7s playing U8s Procedure

Rugby AUs starting position is that players turning 7 in the calendar year should play in U7s age grade.

However, there are rare occasions where individual players may apply to participate in the U8 age grade by undertaking the U7s playing U8s procedure.

Senior Rugby dispensation

Any competition involving players over 18 years of age is classified as a Senior Rugby competition. A player is automatically eligible to participate in Senior Rugby once they have turned 18 years of age.

If the participant is turning 18 during the calendar year, only a parent/guardian consent form is required to participate in Senior Rugby.

For participants turning 16 or 17 in the calendar year, there are additional requirements to determine eligibility.

To apply for a Senior Rugby dispensation, click here

Front Row Dispensation

If a player wishes to participate in an age group outside their eligible age grades and play in the Front Row (prop or hooker) they must complete the Schedule B – Exception for Front Row Dispensation Form.

A guide on how to apply for this dispensation is available here.

Disability dispensation

Players with a physical and/or intellectual disability that meet the requirements of the disability dispensation procedure can play down either one or two age groups.

This procedure is applicable to all registered players participating in an age grade competition and does not apply to non-contact forms of rugby.

Mixed Gender Dispensation

Boys and girls may participate in mixed gender rugby up to and including the calendar year in which they turn 12 years of age.

A girl over 12 years of age may, subject to meeting the requirements of the dispensation procedure, play in a mixed gender team in the U13, U14 & U15 age groups where no other opportunity to play regular Rugby exists.

For the full policy and documents, click here

Gender Identity Dispensation

Rugby AU is committed to supporting a player’s participation in the gender with which they identify, provided it is safe for them and other participants. For the full policy and documents, click here.

Member Records

Admins can check Member Management for player dispensation records. Team Admins can see the dispensation on the player card within the Match Day app. If it doesn't appear, update the app.

For more information, please see more information on the Rugby Australia page, click here

To start the dispensation process and for more information please contact your junior club directly