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Wed, 29/09/2021, 07:24 am
Rugby WA Media
by Rugby WA Media
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Re: Competition staffing structure update

Over the course of 2021, RugbyWA have undertaken organisational reviews on functional areas with the aim to ensure optimal efficiencies of operations. With the ambition of becoming the sport of choice in WA it is vital to ensure that our core business is achieving maximal outcomes from our organisation structure.

The completion of the review has resulted in an organisation re-structure that has impacted the function of competitions. Two respective roles (Senior and Junior) competition managers that currently sit side-by-side have been re-structured to streamline and improve consistency of practices in WA under one portfolio.

The two new roles that have been advertised are Operations manager who will lead the strategic, financial, and operational functions of state-wide Junior and Senior functions. This will be supported by a logistics coordinator that will assist in day-to-day operations.

In the interim, RugbyWA have appointed a team of internal staff to oversee competition functions until recruitment for the two roles has been completed.

For any competition related enquiries, please direct them to Rhys King who will help fill this role in the interim period.

Thank you