Western Force give back to the rugby community

by Rugby WA Media

Having secured the Global Rapid Rugby Pacific Showcase Series title, including a cash prize of $25,000, the Western Force is committed to distributing the funds to support rugby development across Western Australia.


On Friday 9 August 2019, the Force will play Malaysia Valke at HBF Park in Perth, 6.30pm kick-off (Showcase Match). The match will be played on the eve of the first-ever Bledisloe Cup clash in Western Australia and we are calling on the local rugby community to help make a strong statement of support for the Western Force and Global Rapid Rugby, and in the process, share in the proceeds of the Pacific Showcase Series prize.


How your club or school can be involved

Western Force will run a complimentary ticket promotion that will provide RugbyWA affiliated clubs and schools with promotional vouchers and/or digital codes that can be redeemed for complimentary tickets to the Showcase Match.
While the vouchers will enable the rugby community in WA to attend the Showcase Match, it also enables them to generate funds for their own rugby projects. Each ticket redeemed from a voucher/code when scanned at the gate will return $2.50 to the club or school associated with the unique code.
Full details of the promotion are set out below.
Each RugbyWA affiliated club in WA and school in the Perth metropolitan area with a dedicated rugby programme will be provided with an equal number of promotional vouchers or a code that can be distributed to members/students. Each voucher/code can be redeemed by the holder for up to 4 tickets, either at the box office at HBF Park on the night of the Showcase Match (using promotional vouchers) or via Ticketmaster online before the Showcase Match (using the promotional code).
Western Force will use the following calculation to work out the rebate each club or school will receive:
Club/school Rebate: Total number of tickets redeemed at the Showcase Match using a unique Club or School code x $2.50.
By way of example, if a Club or School had 500 unique barcodes scanned through the gate at the Showcase Match with a ticket redeemed from their specific code they’d receive: 500 x $2.50 = $1,250.
Rugby Regional Clubs
Regional rugby clubs will benefit from a $2,500 contribution to the RugbyWA Regional Rugby Programme recognising the rugby community extends across Western Australia and regional rugby is deserving of financial support to encourage growth and development in those regions.
Referees Association
The Referees Association will receive a direct cash payment of $2,500 in recognition of the importance of continuing to attract and develop referees at all levels of the game.